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  1. never had Gummy before but that looks great!
  2. Those are some awesome shots!
  3. Being born and Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, we didnt have much either and both parents worked long days during the week. The only trip or holiday we could afford was a monthly camping trip (which was really awesome). We'd explore both the East, and West coast of the Western cape. We were 4 boys, and a few of my dads friends would join as well. My First fish was probably in '95, it was a white Steenbras (aka pignose grunter) it was caught in Kogelbaai Those were good times! Thanks for the thread, really bringing back some good memories
  4. Congrats all! Thanks for your input and advice!
  5. thats awesome! Thanks for the report! top fish Definitely a bucket list catch
  6. Thanks for the pics! Good way to christen the new boat (even though it was your cousin haha)
  7. OoPS! Definitely Meant Up... Being from South Africa, I'm still getting my bearings!... Thanks for the Tips, will check out those guides and hopefully start planning the stops. I think i definitely need to grab the Fishfinder magazine, to make sure im heading the right way
  8. Hi Raiders.. Just thought i'd Cast this out to see if i can reel in any tips... My Wife any I are planning a road trip from Cronulla to Byron Bay at the end of July/first week on August. We're getting a campervan so we'd be able to just pull up and don't need to worry about any accommodation. The trip will be about a week long (Saturday-Saturday), and i'm definitely planning on wetting a line. i'm thinking about packing in both my spinning & overhead reel & rod just in case... I know that our first stop will be in Port Stephens for the night, but i still need to plan t
  9. Will try this out and let you guys know how it goes... Cheers Wellzy& Anthonystrati
  10. Thanks for the response Wellzy94!- i've read up a bit on this and i'm planning on trying these for sure as i plan on having a variety of baits to test the waters! Do you have any recommendations for plastics? i've never fished with plastics before but always willing to try it out. I generally have 2 rods with me when i head out so im keen on experimenting with this.
  11. Hi all... Recently joined the forum... I am keen on heading out VERY soon into the RNP to do some beach fishing - probably along the Garie Beach/little Garie section (starting here and will work my way down the coast). I'm guessing that the area is full of life so i am looking for some advice... i've seen a few post about the North head -not heading there as i prefer beach to rock (simply because i've only really done the beach fishing a few times). I can generally read the surf to pick out channels etc, but i'm not too sure what sort of bait to use as i've never really bee
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