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  1. hey guys 1st go fishing at fishing with soft plastics this weekend and didn't even get a bite! I tried 1st the cooks river where the boats are moored before the river enters Botany Bay. Then tried the breakwater (near the airport). Can anyone point me in the right direction to have a go with soft plastics around this area, I could travel further a field if needed.
  2. Brynnnooo

    Advice needed please

    Hey guys, im new to fishing in australia as I'm used to beachcasting back in the uk. i just want to get out and catch some decent fish. i have a 10ft Rod & Reel but I think I'm going to grab myself some lighter gear this weekend too. What spots is good fishing around botany area? And type rigs/bait should I use? Is there any fish around that area that I could try for with lures for maybe some bigger fish? To catch some nice size edible fish would be great but just don't know where to start at the moment ? Thanks
  3. Brynnnooo

    Mascot area

    Thanks for the replies guys. Recommend any good spots to have a go near the airport?
  4. Brynnnooo

    Mascot area

    Hey guys, 1st post on this forum as I'm new to fishing in Australia, Welshman here looking for tips on where the best spots to do a bit of rock fishing, spinning/lures preferably. I've got myself a half decent setup and ready to go just need to find a good spot near me to get started and what best lures etc to use as I don't have a clue. Used to to a bit of beach casting sea fishing back home but haven't really done much fishing since being in australia last 4 years. Looking for the bigger fish of course but happy to catch anything that will take my bait at the moment haha Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks