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  1. Kingie Pursuer

    First Marlin

    thats a shame but still what a great fish
  2. Kingie Pursuer

    First Marlin

    was it the only one of the day?
  3. Kingie Pursuer

    First Marlin

    wow what a great fish
  4. Kingie Pursuer

    Rough Sunday

    nice fish mate, thats what happens when u dont bring me lol cool bonnies T
  5. Kingie Pursuer

    bar crusher, stessl platetrix , formosa and tabs

    i agree with recurve they are a copy but bar crusher are definitely good boats but surtees make a fantastic product a bit pricey though but have you ever thought about a catamaran or a stessco or a tournament (fibreglass)
  6. Kingie Pursuer

    Which Boat

    i have a 4.3m quintrex decent boat lands very hard but i go outside on a decent day with it i have rigged it with a live bait tank new sounder and a rocket launcher (coolest looking 4.3m boat ive ever seen hahaha) you would definitely want a 40hp which is what i have great motor my only beef would be i have a two stroke great power but now with better 4 strokes they are just as powerful 2 strokes are a pain to mix and very smokey and smoke alot even with the right mixture, hope that helps