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  1. Howard Gill


    Hot water really works, but as a previous poster said not too hot, people have been known to do more damage with hot water than the venom - hence using the other foot. Piss also works, to a lesser extent at denaturing the protein, if you haven't got hot water and the wound isn't to deep to get the piss in. Having been hit by happy moments and nicked by cobbler a few times in my job I can vouch for it. Just don't sit on one or your mate will have to piss on you.
  2. Howard Gill

    Gomoku rods

    Hi recurve, It shouldn't pull to one side or the other if it's built on the backbone. If not it will definitely pull to the way the backbone wants to pull it. Not as noticeable on a spinner but deadly on an overhead. Check the backbone placement when buying, its definitely worth it, even if the guys in the shop look at you like you're doning to break their rods. Explain what you are doing and if hey don't understand go to another shop who knows their business. Cheers and enjoy the overhead.
  3. Howard Gill

    Best light braided lines

    Personally like fire line for the light stuff after trying al sorts of braid from cheap to very expensive. Main thing used for is surface lures for whiting, after every dozen or so casts, just cast and reel in with the line between your fingers under pressure and no "wind Knots" happen, forget to do it and they will. When finished, remove lure, let out line and walk back over flats then reel in under pressure. No problems. Loose line on spool (and too much) causes wind knots, not the wind in my opinion at at least.
  4. Howard Gill

    Gomoku rods

    Hi guys, New to this forum, joined after seeing comments and queries on Gomuko rods. Bought two when they first came out, red and a blue, red as a Christmas present for a mate, blue for me. We also thought they were way overrated and kids rods but loved the action. How wrong we were regarding kids rods - though they are great for the grandies! Best fish on mine is a 26kg sambo, rod was fine, fish swam off fine, I was not fine! For the money these, along with blackhole explorers and jigging master sabers, must be the best value rods available. As long as i can find one built on the backbone will be getting a black to go with a Release SG. Regarding comments about casting etc., we've found they work soft plastics and jigs great and cast well to OK depending on the bait/lure weight. Down to the small guides and leaders (20lb wind ons even with a FG knot is fairly big with the micro guides) and rod action I suppose. Anyone any comments on the black with an overhead? Cheers, Howard