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  1. Surfacejunky

    Bonito off the stones

    On the northern beaches of Sydney mate
  2. Surfacejunky

    Bonito off the stones

    amen to that brother, did you get another?
  3. Surfacejunky

    Bonito off the stones

    yeah, could be it! I have changed a lot of my lures, but not the one I was using unfortunately!
  4. Surfacejunky

    surface flatty

    actually, looking in to it I think i may of had it wrong! haha
  5. Surfacejunky

    The last few bass

  6. Surfacejunky

    surface flatty

    I spent the afternoon on the George's river last week, managed a few nice bream exploring some new grounds on hb's and sp's and then this nice flatty off the top in 10 cm of water! The surface action has been insane lately. Interestingly I have only caught Blue spot Flathead in the George's and hacking, any thoughts?
  7. Surfacejunky

    Georges River Bream

    nice one dude! good fish!
  8. Surfacejunky

    Bonito off the stones

    After moving to the Sutherland shire I don't often get to fish my favourite spots where I used to live on the northern beaches, but I got a chance to fish on sunday morning. I rocked up(pun intended) to one of my favourite ledges at sunrise timed perfectly with a major solarlunar period and an approaching lowtide and started spinning. I started of with a big stick bait hoping to tempt an early morning king fish, after about half an hour I decided to switch to my lighter rod with a home made metal lure on it. 15 minutes later I hooked up but the 16 lb leader was definitely not enough as it snapped as soon as it touched the rocks. So I decided to go back to the larger rod but change the stickbait to a metal. It didn't take too long before I was on again and after a short but intense fight I had the fish almost at my feet, I was licking my lips thinking of all the sashimi I would be enjoying with my daughter, I waited for a wave and dragged the big bonnie (guess between 2-3 kgs) up on to the ledge, but as soon as I did the lure popped out of his mouth and he flipped back in to the water! Can't win them all I suppose, at least I got to have the fight and It has definitely reignited my passion for pelagics. has anyone else got on to the big bonnies lately?
  9. Surfacejunky

    Georges River Mills Creek Blackie Hunt

    That would be it haha, was trying to do a bit a research on that creek and would of loved to see the photos. I didn't even look at the date!
  10. Surfacejunky

    Georges River Mills Creek Blackie Hunt

    great report, but I cant see the photos. Anyone know why?
  11. Surfacejunky

    Success In The Hacking

    Good stuff nice bream!
  12. Surfacejunky

    Port Hacking again

    What part of sydney do you do your bass fishing mate?
  13. Surfacejunky

    Old Mans Hat....NOT!!

    Still better than a kick in the teeth!
  14. Surfacejunky

    The highs to lowes

    Sounds good mate, cheers
  15. Surfacejunky

    Georges River.

    I would wear shoes mate, there a bit of garbage around, i think ill bring waders, i might go wednesday or thursday if your keen 3pm