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  1. Amazing snaps, would've been a blast! would love to have a crack at these beasts one day. Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. i slam it with a brick or on the ground and just pry sections off with a butter knife
  3. Yeah, get experience with the kayak first, learn its limit and also how to deal with wakes from boats, especially tugs! those things create massive wakes. Also you need to learn how to recover your kayak in the event it dose capsize it sounds simple but when you do unexpectedly flip you tend to sometimes panic when its your first time. One of the benefits of kayaks is because they are small they can glide over swell and wakes head on nicely but do tend ride them when side one. I have done a few trips around the end of the oil wharf & the drums in botany bay recently - in some very choppy conditions & 40 km/hr wind to really test the kayak i have as i do plan on taking it offshore. other issue i see, now i do not know what kayak you have - but most of the shorter kayaks are not as wide which means less stability Defiantly start small go in some calmer water and just be silly with it, testing limits etc then head out into more open water like bays where you do get some larger chop and some smaller swell and spend alot of time there before venturing out
  4. i haven't taken mine apart yet. It could be. i'm just going of the website as my reel isnt with me at the moment. ill defently have a closer look once i get home. Also what size is yours? it could change as the reel gets bigger for weight, etc?
  5. Ihave both reels aswell. i prefer the FK due to the fact is built out of aluminium and feels more solid while the ci4 is a carbon fibre and it feels really light and "cheap". both reels are similar when it comes to performance. I have had the ci4 for a long time now and its only had it regular service and drag washers replaced.
  6. great feed as always, you amaze me every time you go out managing a feed every time.. dont you get sick of catching fish ahahah i have no idea how you do it. I have tried lilli pilli twice of the kayak just on the dropoff and just got pickers and a slightly undersized snapper. tide was a run in into the turn. bait was yakka, pilchard and squid. time was 10am. Still alot to learn about the hacking. any tips?
  7. Whats even worse is they fight like squid... i was squidding in the hacking on my kayak and thought i had a squid of a lifetime on. came up as a 40+cm pufferfish. Tailor, kingfish and flatties love squid jigs, with tailor though they cut you off 9/10 times. my weirdest "catch" would be a foul hooked yakka.
  8. i got bitten by a 40 odd cm tailor while removing the hook, swearing at it made it let go, the wonders of swearing at a fish. second worse was a squid, just like a bird and have multiple chomps before u manage to pull them off. This one was interesting as when i picked the squid up behind the head it somehow wrapped around and had a few. 3rd... well i dont know as they were the only 2 painful enough to remember, the only one that comes to mind is a flatty and their abrasive mouths. ill never put my finger in a breams mouth as they do have some decent chomps on them when they get big. I cannot imagine the agony a hairtail or a eel would bring...
  9. only seen a sick one at bundeena wharf. Was big aswell. To what i know kingfish are a daytime fish. They can be caught in the early night but is quite rare
  10. Be warned the spring in the bail arm is a massive pain to put back in. did it twice and spent alot of time trying to get the spring in correctly
  11. I like the Georges on a run out, but caught my jew recently on the run in. A general rule is 1 - 1.5 hrs before high tide, the peak of high/lowtide then 1 - 1.5 hrs after the turn of the tide. I prefer high tide though.
  12. a scale bag on the end of a rope with cut up pilchards. all you need to do is give the bag a mash every now and then or add some more pilchards in. You will only need 5 and then just add some ontop you can also make a ice block of mashed bread and pilchards and put them in there. ice will melt and the bread and pilchards remain. the size of the hole in the scale nets is pretty small so only a little bit will leech out as the waves stir it around. This also works from boats & kayaks. i have had a kingie come up and chomp at the net. https://www.a This is the net i use below. I use the smaller black net which comes with it. Can be a pain to clean. Also might want to upgrade the rope that comes with the smaller net as it dose wear away when bashed against the rocks over time.\ I use the larger green net on the beach and put a entire mashed up mullet or a yakka in it and leave it in the wash. Correct me if im wrong as i rarely use metal slugs but would'nt it be better to float out a pilchard or whatever your using for burley under a float in the burley trail?
  13. I had a mate with a baitrunner have a monster jewie run late last night on the turn in the Georges. He strike the fish and blew the hook out of the fishes mouth. would've given itself whiplash. I prefer to keep drag the same for when fighting the fish as they hook themselves, I have a baitrunner myself and only use it livebaiting. Also try to hold the rod as much as possible. especially if its a smaller rod. for the lost fish, jewie or kingie. A live herring seems to be to big for a stingray, unless this one was the size of a car bonnet.
  14. i went out yesterday arvo land based in the hacking - not a bite. great flatty, at least you got something worth mentioning