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  1. Yup, yup Finally When i loose a good fish i think we all know what this is
  2. yeah that wharf gets packed.. if you want to fish that area go down to the water police base where the beach is and go along the little wall there, got some nice fish out of there
  3. It can depend, i love fishing in the rain as run off = food and the hot shower afterwards is godlike. The wind on the other hand is a no for me. its usually windier on the bay than the 20-30km hr forcasted wind and windchop can get quite knarly in botany bay. If your landbased dont even bother, even if the wind is behind you, it dose shift alot
  4. solid kings! look nice and fat too. how long did they go?
  5. I went for kings this morning at point molli for nudda, Im persistant as well, sticking to a few spots as i have taken time to know them quite well, unlike going to a new spot i never been to like molli point and watching everyone get kingies. Once you get to know a spot well, those people will be watching you pull out squid, kingies or jewies. i like to stick to one system aswell and learn it as best i can, long process but will defiantly pay off. look at yowie for example. I find with kings, atleast in port hacking they usually are quite aggressive in early morning (sunrise - 9-10am) but become much more passive as the day goes along
  6. awesome! now get out there and get some inkers, plenty about in port hacking Yowie boat ramp wharf - hit and miss gymea baths - quite a few there with a million people wallys wharf is a late night (12am) weekday spot unless you want to deal with boats and people cronulla ferry wharf, my fave spot for squid, can be hard to come along at times but has been poppin in the last few days on 1.5 bright colour jigs. salmon haul bay, rock spot dose hold squid although i rarely go there. a good run is usually 30 mins at yowie if there squid stay till it dies out. no squid, goto wallys. repeat this at wallys, if theres to many people goto cronulla ferry wharf. i generally stay there till i need to get home. all these spots are near eachother green = arrive from tom ugly bridge (assuming u live in cbd) and goto yoiwe light blue light is from yowie to wallys blue line is wallys to cronulla magenta is from cronulla to cpt cook bridge which takes you home you can do this backwards... just a matter of if your willing to go from cbd to port hacking if you do goto any of these spots take your rubbish with you. spots like cronulla wharf, ferry operators allow people to fish there out of kindness, and people leaving shit behind (and my god have i seen it) will make them shut it down. Try to clean ink of the wharf to after you catch a squid or 10...
  7. Spewing! I would go snorkelling for sure... if not cast wide in arncliffe sells yammis for 10 bucks each
  8. Went this morning 4am to lilli pilli for some rattie fun .... and it was raining plenty of pilchards around, no kingies. Even the pickers were quite caught one sick one (had been attacked and was missing most of its tail) lingering under a boat. Plenty of crap in the water still so heads up if you plan on heading. Main channel has cleared up abit, well for a incoming tide is has. Still dirty around the moored boats at lilli pilli Water temp dropped from 25 to 22.5 after the rain in recent weeks.
  9. have been to the wharf quite alot for a kingie or two & have seen them paroling it every now and then telling the occasional boat thats a little to close to the wharf to move out. Do get slight swell in there but mostly wind chop. Theres plenty of yakkas and occasionally slimeys & squid all around the wharf and the tug moorings around the north side of the wharf. Dose fish well at times. Probably the best place to get lives if your going to go around the heads as they are a 10 minute paddle away. parking at moli can be bad on the weekends.. i have just launched at kurnell and just peddle over to moli
  10. ohhh i like that tip! keep that in mind next time i use them
  11. dont forget oysters! even though they fall of the hook easily i have caught some massive bream on them, cant say i have had much luck on crabs tho
  12. Legend! Ill probably try just of the hacking first in bate bay before going around to kurnell once i get comfortable. Weather & swell is really just common sense i was just worried about current and backwash. Im properly over thinking it, ill get out when the swell isn't so big and powerful. kurnell, as i see it the only local spot to pull a big king and a few bonnies (god they are fun on light gear), millions of rats inside the hacking around lilli pilli, like usual. I don't expect to pull one on my first trip ether, takes quite abit of learning of the new area before you start constantly pulling fish
  13. makes me want to go outside the heads even more! Inexperience is getting me / not really having the balls to cruise outside the heads. i will get out there one day! Is current & back wash from swell hitting cliffs and whatever ever a issue? also do you get your lives in the kayak or just at a local wharf?
  14. i did already. made this post as it seemed it was quieter than usual, still got a haul of fish with a cracker snap. Seen your report, cracker bream. hard to fool a fish thats 35 years old. congrats! nice! i made my mind up on jewies, haven't caught one in awhile. ill more and likely try and grab a few yakkas tomorrow and leave them overnight. lilli pilli is also in a bay which is different to on the rocks. not to big on the stones anymore unfortunately from previous experience i have noticed certain species of fish move on after big rains, influx of fresh water and dirt and other crap and the water temp changing quite quickly. weather or not its ture, no idea.
  15. Wow, thats a bloody ripper of a red for the bay. PB for you in the bay? you manage to always find the fish - or do they find you?