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  1. i got most of botany bay and port hacking within 10km, just haven't been out to fish since lockdown though. Did my shoulder in and well weather has been the best ether.
  2. camping quite awhile back far south cost of nsw. we left with basically nothing other then a few rods, tackle, a loaf of bread, gas stove and 2 towels. got surprised by a couple storm cells on the second night. If we were ever going to get hit by lightning that was the night. car was parked a few km away as well so we just sat in the sand getting absolutely pissed on. Nice morning last year on the kayak just inside kurnell heads. taken on a galaxy s10 sunset in port hacking 2 or so years ago
  3. I got both rods, prevail is quite flexible compared to the surf which is stiff and more powerful. there is also the diawa sensor sandstorm which is also a great rod for the same price as a prevail. caught some great fish of both rods but I do prefer the surf for beaches and prevail for rocks as they arnt as fragile as a surf
  4. nice to see they are back, would love to catch one, one day
  5. awesome haul of fish, in time for good Friday too. Good job!
  6. I use to catch quality snapper and also kings off the top of the cliff at cape bailey in kurnell with my dad when I was a kid. Sounds dangerous, but with caution, like most rock platforms its quite safe. Just lifting the fish up the cliff is a challenge though, still go there occasionally now days. Use common sense. Snapper fish good there after big southerly swells but also require a decent cast. We pulled some quality ones out from there. Bonito, macs (species of tuna) do come and go along a lot of Sydney rock platforms. longies are rare, dads only caught a few in the 20 odd years his fished the spot. never heard of amberjack (besides kings) being caught off rocks. If you do fish the spot, be very careful, make sure its dry and no sand and on the ground as it will get slippery. Swell isn't a massive problem if it isn't a 6 meter swell, as your 30 odd meters above the waves. fish it on a light westerly wind but not strong. anything else is a waste of time. ballooning is recommended but regular floats do work if you have a good cast. some areas of the rocks have steel poles sticking out of them, this is for if you want to tie yourself up to if you wish. Don't expect to rock up here and catch fish day one, its one of those spots where one you get to know it abit, you will pull out fish after fish.
  7. there's a whole "community" of it. give tinny bashing a search on youtube...
  8. shame you didn't get much, but ay, you got out. i agree there's a lot of absolute morons on the water. I went out early Friday morning hoping to escape the idiots, and well i did, but still tinnys with 30hp motors going up the channel on 45+degree angles, 2 speed boats running laps from greys point to I don't know where and back and saw one maritime boat just as i was pulling up the kayak just after 10. I feel like being on a kayak, launching just about anywhere I seem to miss a lot of the morons and boaters who take their boat out a few times a year. Nothing pisses me off more then boats driving past, seeing me and a mate pull up multiple kings, bonito and salmon just to have them do a 180 and drop anchor right besides us, and then not even return the single rat king they caught
  9. although the hacking don't get near as much logs and other crap floating around in the system like the Georges, Hawksbury, it wouldn't be worth the risk. Especially with the amount of rainfall we have had. the fishing would of quietened up abit as well with the systems flushing out.
  10. there will be crap in the water for weeks, especially upstream. fishing will be quite for awhile unless you like jewies and bull sharks. Consider prolific kings to be done this season. I do agree, would be pretty silly to be going out while the entire coast is seeing some tons of rainfall and a crazy ammount of water running through our local systems. glad your high and dry though. As for the image, try uploading it to imgur and posting the link
  11. cant use traps in most of ph blue swimmers go down well, a quite day for you is still a great feed. I have also found hacking quite, with rat kings around and a nice 44cm reddie
  12. Restyle

    Bate Bay

    glad to see you are able to finally get out for a fish, and have plenty of action around the boat. I always enjoy reading your reports. Hope you are feeling better!
  13. I use bread and ether servo pillies or old bait. I put it in a keeper net on the kayak and it dose wonders. Every now and then ill give the net a good squeeze, brings all sorts of fish right up.
  14. early morning amongst the moored boats in lilli pilli. Unweighted live pillies or dead pillis been whats working. Pillies are there from first light.
  15. went port hacking this morning with a mate to try for a legal king again was disappointed on the kingies today with only 1 been landed at around 55cm heaps of yakkas and pillies running around again and tons of bonnies around chasing pilchards. Great fun on the lighter gear. kept 13. 10 for bait. also caught a nice legal pannie which was hooked badly, so we kept it. My mate had his rod ripped out of the rod holder by a bonnie, only for me to catch the bonnie that snatched his rod. Quite a moment, especially seeing 2 owner 6/0s in its gob, then seeing some braid attached to it. Quite lucky
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