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  1. I don't use my flush rod holders, because they are behind the seat for me. if they are in a decent spot for you that you are comfortable using go for it. My first kayak came with a couple rod holders aswell, one is dead, ones still works 4 ~ yrs later if you go for a rail system rail blaza has rails https://www.railblaza.com/products/tracloader-gunnel-track/ starport for rod holders & sounder which go into the track https://www.railblaza.com/products/starport-tracloader-suremount/ Any my sounder is screwed into this https://www.railblaza.com/products/rotating-platform/ and it just slaps into a start port
  2. use the normal ram/ rail blaza mounting plates which slide inside the rail. the probably wont fit so you can just sand them down on a belt sander or grinding wheel A stainless steel bolt will work aswell, just be sure to use atleast 2 per attachment as you may risk snapping the head off on that large fish Keep them lubed up after a few trips as they do like to seize up in the tracks and can be a real pain to move after a few months
  3. yeah, thats what i was thinking of, just didn't know the name of it. just need a flat surface and some nice sized washers on the underside as u don't want to crack the hull over time
  4. gday, I have my first fish also in a separate report, I was meant to ask while typing the most recent report up weather I should continue in this thread as I reckon it would be a good way for newer fishos to help understand the silver slab a little bit better, Or move the thread into fishing reports as it will only be fishing reports and I don't want to spam the forum with separate reports of small fish.
  5. wow, cracker fish, seems like quite a few crocs around at the moment. i wonder how big the fishes head would of been
  6. Yes that is possible, but water temp wont be measured Dose your kayak not have assessory rails? you can make one, or if you want little movement a hobie hrail which can also act as a kayak handle 2 bolts, put some large washers on the underside even bend them to fit. as for railblaza you can probably just screw everything straight into the hull and skip the track step all together as they tend to seize up after a few months of being in the same spot and need abit of love to get moving again
  7. great haul and bag of flatties. Small jew fight well on light gear, great fun. Bonus of fishing in the rain is the lack of boats and jet skis out
  8. flathead are generally found in sandy areas - so not to often. if your fishing of a small break wall or groyne just reel the line in when the lure is close as the rocks are only within 3 - 5 meters of the shoreline. IMO plastics better for beginners just watch for tailor
  9. I would go 8500 as well as a 9500 may take the rod out of balance Good choice on the terez, got 2 myself and they are one of the best rods you can use. I use a stradic 5000 on one of my heaver live bait rods (TZS69MBLK-OZ) 15-40lb braid. Balance is great. Also use a sustain 4000 or if I'm not using the other rod ill use the stradic on a TZSW-72MHBLK which is 15-30lb braid & my main bait rod for Kings and jews. Nether reel feels large & heavy on the rod and with your rods being heaver a slammer 8500 should do fine Hopefully this helps you, it is hard buying rods n reels without feeling them prior
  10. g'day, went out last night, this time land based for jews at a spot I scouted out after looking on google earth thoroughly. 2nd time fishing here, first time we went was mostly for scouting, but did drop a fish right on the shoreline a few weeks ago. This time we pull out one of the smallest jews I have caught coming in at a whopping 49cm. Quick pics and safely released him. Caught - 10/10/2021, 1:40am, (high tide 12:43am), Weather was calm, partly cloudy and fair. Whole semi fresh squid on snelled 9/0 and 7/0 Mate also dropped a nice fish as the tide turned which sucked (his drag was loose). 2 trips and caught jews on both trips. stoked.
  11. Love the diary idea, just jotted down my first fish, many more to come. Only recently started on plastics and have had flicks along some solid structure using 4 and 6in paddle tails, but no jew's yet.
  12. I am quite keen to stock up on squid around port hacking and even a few king sessions when they start moving in (if they haven't already). Weather looks pretty bad, but as long as it isn't windy, I don't mind getting a little bit wet. boat ramps will be getting flogged and there will be a fair amount of people on the water, glad I got a kayak and can launch it just about anywhere
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