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  1. Restyle

    New kayak fisher

    the kayak i mentioned is 3.2 meters, theres also a 4 meter version with a small live well i think. i dont stand ether but i guess its a nice bonus after sitting down for hours on end
  2. Restyle

    New kayak fisher

    I am fairly new to the kayak scene aswell and recently purchased myself a pedal kayak, just for the hands free experience. They arnt cheap compared to their traditional paddle counterparts but are defiantly worth it. The kayak i purchased is commonly known as the REVOLVE 10 kayak. which sits around 1,500$. I got mine of bay sports under the name "pedal pro fish". Ill list a few pros and cons with this kayak after taking it out 15 odd times during the winter. pros; - i was quite surprised with its stability and how it sits on the water (you can stand up in it if the waters calm and your balance is good) - pedal drive system is quite and has no resistance - plenty of leg room (im around 6'' 2) - heaps of places to mount extra rod holders, sounders, lights - handles chop and wake pretty well. - really comfy chair which has storage straps under it. (i never use them) - has a good cruising speed and can go pretty quick when going all out - good turning circle with the rudder cons; - fills up with water through the rails when washing it down (or flips) because the screws arnt water tight and the water a pain to remove. It dosnt gain not alot of water. - Pedal drive pins didn't line up with the cut outs in the hull. I fixed this with a lighter and a razor blade. - Its heavy. I recommend a kayak trolley. - the adjustable plastic strap bits on the seat broke 5 seconds into its maiden voyage, take them off as soon as possible and just tire the strap to the top of the chair in a position your comfy in - if you are to stand up on it, its really slippery, get stick on anti slip pads - the bits that come with the kayak that slide inside the rails to mount rod holders, sounders, etc were slightly to big for the rails that came on the kayak, had to sand them down half a mm. - dosnt have any easy access storage on the side like pockets for small hook boxes, pliers etc
  3. Restyle

    Silly things you've done when tired?

    camping on a beach with a few mates for a couple nights. we all had a tent each and had a central 3x3 meter gazebo in the middle back beyond the high tide line where we stored gas stoves, food, our catches, spare cloths, and pretty much everything besides the gear, bait and a few snacks & drinks. The first night came long, calm and perfect weather. I couldn't sleep, i'm a very light sleeper and just kept waking up to the odd large wave breaking, so i did a all nighter and just fished. following evening (just gone past the first 24 hours being there) the tide was really low so i moved my stuff closer, tent, chair, the lot without much thought of the high tide that would soon come in. 9pm comes along, no fish, so i goto bed shortly after. I soon awoke around midnight to waves entering the tent. everything was soaked besides my rods which were in their rodholders behind the tent. Thank god it was mid spring and i had spare cloths.
  4. Restyle

    ID please

    looks like half a pennant fish
  5. Restyle

    George's River Mulloway

    Good job snagging 2 jewies, i myself just bought a kayak will be arriving Tuesday and this thread is geeing me up abit haha good luck on the hunt for the meter jew, it wont be far away. you defiantly know how to find and catch these ghosts of the estuary
  6. Restyle

    Sydney Kings still around

    i have found the rat kings usually disappear for winter and the big boys remain. no one should hang their rods in the winter.
  7. Restyle

    Wooli- Day 1+2+3+4+5

    amazing stuff mate... Haven't been up that way as of yet. I hang south of the harbour bridge and anywhere over it ill need a visa haha. Seems like amazing fishing up there, Ill have to come up one day and bag a few myself.
  8. Restyle

    Sienna Reel problem

    i heard about this aswell. Had a mate buy a 1000 sienna combo as well. lucky one of them found the issue quite early as he and returned it to the store shortly after. While one of my other mates had the same issue with a different reel and tightened the screw on the side of the line roller and upgraded to 10lb fireline. I Don't recall him having an issue since
  9. Restyle

    fish confirmation (Wirrah Cod)

    Ahh cheers fellas, Googled wirrah cod and this exact fish came up. Not sure what drug my fishing book is on haha. Thought about eating quality while i was unhooking it. glad to know they are no good.
  10. Restyle

    fish confirmation (Wirrah Cod)

    Caught what i'm guessing is a brown spotted rock cod while bottom bashing at kurnell cliffs measured around 30 -35 cm
  11. Restyle

    New Rod not assemble completely

    Is the rod graphite? I own 2 graphite rods, both do this, i have always thought its like that so it stays tight and dosn't come apart while casting. If you push it in too hard they become quite hard to pull out
  12. Restyle

    molineux point landbased?

    defiantly a shame that you cant fish there. I gave the harbour a thought, very rarely go up there due to the millions of boats and other fishos. Is there any wharf in particular? But man, 11 kings in 18 days, almost one a day. i'm clearly missing out on some fun in the city.
  13. Restyle

    molineux point landbased?

    Hey fellas first post here & a long time lurker, I'm looking to fish molineux point over the next coming weeks with some mates for some land based kingies as they haven't caught a kingie yet and i got them hooked on kingies as my uncle and i pulled many of them from kurnell cliffs 10 years ago. Unfortunately i don't have a boat and cant join in with the boatpark there, and i haven't fished there before. and seeing everyone here pulling a few out, within casting distance, but see no one there on the rocks? anyway I'm just asking, are the rocks as bad as people make them out to be and are you allowed to fish there anymore. My dad tried the spot 15 years ago and said the rocks have 2 meter gaps in-between them. If not any suggestions for a nice landbased spot in the north side of port hacking & anywhere botany bay. I have tried gymea wharf for pickers & people casting over my line, Kurnell groynes don't produce anymore ether I was looking at the rocks at la perouse point or that rockwall at the swimnets in Sandringham. I have 11 squid in the freezer from last night and yakkas arnt a problem. Thank you for taking time to read
  14. i have been using it for about 1-2 months. I did find the interface was hard and annoying to use at first but after about 10-15 minutes of playing around i got use to it. the app dose not work on my ipad. works fine on my iphone 5 and my mates iphone 6
  15. Not sure if this is in the right section, if not feel free to move it! Been using this app for awhile now, not the most accurate app when it comes to rain. You can check the swell, wind, atmospheric pressure and temperature, also has a app which you can use on the go. website:,151.201,11 App: Search 'windyTV' in the app store Also first post