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  1. Restyle

    Bate Bay

    glad to see you are able to finally get out for a fish, and have plenty of action around the boat. I always enjoy reading your reports. Hope you are feeling better!
  2. I use bread and ether servo pillies or old bait. I put it in a keeper net on the kayak and it dose wonders. Every now and then ill give the net a good squeeze, brings all sorts of fish right up.
  3. early morning amongst the moored boats in lilli pilli. Unweighted live pillies or dead pillis been whats working. Pillies are there from first light.
  4. went port hacking this morning with a mate to try for a legal king again was disappointed on the kingies today with only 1 been landed at around 55cm heaps of yakkas and pillies running around again and tons of bonnies around chasing pilchards. Great fun on the lighter gear. kept 13. 10 for bait. also caught a nice legal pannie which was hooked badly, so we kept it. My mate had his rod ripped out of the rod holder by a bonnie, only for me to catch the bonnie that snatched his rod. Quite a moment, especially seeing 2 owner 6/0s in its gob, then seeing some braid
  5. man that sucks, hope your better soon. guess the fish get a rest, for now. myabe thats why some legals are popping up, your not there to catch them all hopefully you can get out on the water soon and get amongst them all pic -
  6. went this morning to fish porthacking for kings on the kayak calm, no boats and heaps of yakkas & pillies in lilli pilli Caught a roughly 60cm king on a pillie tail first cast followed by 5 watsons leaping bonitio on a mixture of live pilchards & whole dead pillies. To top it of a 70cm came along and ate a pillie, whole. live yakka got swimming practice and squid didn't get touched. late last month got 2 mates on the first kings, both legal too. same spot. so theres been alot of legal kings in the hacking, deep. This makes 7 legals for me this yea
  7. I bring multiple baits, usually pillies, squid and slimey fillets. fish my bite on one and not touch the other. Try catching live bait.
  8. depends on current and depth the fish are at. i find the rats are right up the top eating burley then the larger models are right near the bottom. I tend to go unweighted but may add a small sinker to get it down deep if i see larger fish on the sounder. or if there's current. if your drifting probably better to use the smallest possible sinker to get into the fish.
  9. I use same burly as squibbly. i add a little bit of water to get the bread nice and mushy. Works great on all fish to be honest
  10. looks solid, perks of owning a welder. Even when the timber dose eventually go, it shouldn't be a hard fix to swap around anyway. can easily see you take your time and pride yourself in the work you do!
  11. First job was in a plant nursery, now doing landscape. its mealybug. what 2sheds and ryder said are correct. Quite common with indoor rainforest plants as well. Also your Strelitza will be needing a new pot soon.
  12. gday frank, I would be interested in your boat, if you decide to sell it. I have been passively looking for my first boat for awhile now. I have been on a kayak for the last couple years, and feel its time to get the move ability, speed and the connivance of taking a mate out. You've put some serious time with the craftsman ship in the boat too, quite the setup for a tinny. Out of curiosity, how durable is the ply flooring?
  13. great write up! Always enjoy reading your story's reminds me of when my dad and i went to comerong island for a night to camp. great little island. Anyway he gave me his alvey and 14ft rod to "hold" while he went to the toilet. I was around 7-8 years old? could barely hold it. I start slowly reeling it in getting a feel for the reel, making sure the line goes on somewhat evenly next thing you know something smashes the mullet chunk. I'm barely able to hold the rod, never alone reel what ever took it. The fish calms down abit after a good first run and some of the line has gone aroun
  14. deep water has been producing for me early morning (4-7am) then i head in. big salmon on the surface with just legal kings hanging deep with the pinkies. also got a small gummy, couple legal reds, flounder. tons of pilies and yakks for livies to. No jewies yet. i'm sure you have your own tactics and plans as you've fished the hacking longer than I've been alive
  15. yeah its quite packed, i went out saturday on the kayak, heaps of boats piled around kurnell and point moli. Counted 16 at the squid grounds at kurnell and another 5 or 6 at the wharf early morning. moli looked no differnt. hackings also packed with alot of boats anchoring off the baths and jet skies flying around. tip is to go out when it rains
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