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  1. did get a 44cm last week around Nth Sydney
  2. First and only time was off the ferry fishing the eastern side,towards the rocks
  3. Hi Ryder, I bought them from a guy that sells online and FB,they are now been stocked in some well known tackle stores pm If you want to know more
  4. hi all been getting a few Luderick in the Harbour lately got 4 this morning at Cremorne all around 30cm,mainly been fishing around Blues Pt and Mcmahons Pt attached pic was a couple a weeks ago at Blues Pt all caught on weed biggest was 40cm. Cheers
  5. Hi all, Has anyone fished around Brooklyn land based for Luderick? was hoping to take my son over the holidays and target them. Cheers
  6. Its not the best quality,there is better in that area if you know where to look!
  7. Yeah i love fishing weekdays i work a 8 day fortnight so i very rarely fish weekend's!
  8. Yeah im the same i only fish weekdays i would imagine its a nightmare on weekend's.
  9. Hi all, Has anyone had issues at foreshore rd ramp at low tide launching? Im planning on going Thursday morning at low tide o.5m ill be on my own only a 4mtr tinnie but have heard it can be slippery and that the odd car/trailer have ended up going for a swim,is it that bad there? Cheers
  10. Hi all,i know this rain we have had will flush a lot of fish out of the rivers but will Blackfish still be within Sydney harbour towards the heads and likewise in Botany Bay?,the other day i sourced some great looking weed im dying to try and would like to give it a crack. Cheers
  11. Its about 1km from the ferry ive never been there only heard that its a good spot for Blackfish,ill be in a boat.
  12. Has anyone ever fished Brittannia Rock at Berowra for Blackfish? If so any particular time or tide. Cheers
  13. Not after specific spots but does Berowra hold blackfish in any numbers and size,at the moment with weed hard to find would cabbage be ok in the Hawkesbury?