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  1. Baitmeup

    Need a new fishing buddy with a Tow Vehicle

    Gday mark. I live nearby and although i dont have a 4x4 my son does and we go fishing a bit together around here when he visits, he lives in newcastle. We'd be more than happy to accomodate but we'd need a bit of notice is all as he works too much ? so let me know about any planned days and we'll tee something up. Cheers
  2. Baitmeup


    Thanks everybody for your comments. Its kind of hard to make a decision either way right now I'm thinking. I guess all i can do is try it and see what happens by the looks of things. Live and learn is the motto, cheers fishraiders for taking the time to respond ?
  3. Baitmeup


    Cheers for that Rick, I do plan to do a fair bit on my own. I'm happy to fork out the $$ for one if they work as claimed I just wasn't sure if it was just a gimmick so your information was helpful. thanks.
  4. Baitmeup


    G'day. I'm only new to boating and just purchased my first boat a 4.2m tinny with a 30hp 2 stroke. It has manual trim adjust by moving a pin at the back of the motor. I've been experimenting with different trim positions etc. I have read advertising jargon about hydrofoils and how much they improve anti-cav blah blah. My question is should I believe the hype?? or should I just learn how to make my setup work without one? any help/advice is greatly appreciated. thanks.
  5. Baitmeup

    Kings and squid jervis bay

    Did you launch from Callala? I noticed there were heaps of yakkas at Murray Beach Boat ramp on Saturday.