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  1. Marmot

    Port hacking fishin

    I was at lilli pilli baths today and got only one squid. Luckily I throttled the idea of going to Gymea bay...
  2. Marmot

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    You all are so nice, I feel reinvigorated, just like recharged battery. Really appreciate every hint you provided.
  3. Marmot

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    @Green Hornet Could you enlighten me of some lure rigs or one? Off the top of my head, spin rod or baitcast rod + mono main line + snap swivel + lure (Halco Twisty 40g) ? Cast and pull back? Last year, I cast a rig ( baitcast rod 2.1m + ball sinker-10g + bead + barrel swivel + leader + plastic prawn) at the northern end of Tom Uglys Bridge and got a small-size tailor. I doubt this rig can work on the beach.
  4. Marmot

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    Big thanks, I will definitely try it.
  5. Marmot

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Do you use running sinker rig or paternoster rig?
  6. Hi Raiders/Masters, I've been Garie beach several times, and for the last two times, I was trying to fish salmon. However, I ended up getting nothing. I guess I have something wrong: 1) In the first time, I used shimano 13' aero wave graphite heavy , and used running sinker rig--no fish to bite it (80g round sinker could not hold the bottom, and I didn't have the star sinkers). Before the final fish spree came (I could see salmons in the waves), I had used up all pilchards. 2) The second time, I tried paternoster rig and ganged hooks (3x 4.0 hooks), about the paternoster rig (based on 3-way swivel), 20cm line to the sinker, 60cm to the hooks. About the ganged hooks, the leftmost of the picture was the one I used without the sinker ball. No fish willing to touch my pilchards... I have been feeling frustrated since then. I analyzed the situations: 1) People around me almost got at least one salmon (the second time), I think it's not about the position, and I could even cast further than others; 2) Sometimes the rig tangled, I guess the 3-way swivel is not enough. 3) Salmons usually bite fish from the head, so the first one in the picture is not suitable? It has been haunting me for days, could anyone tell me how to fish OZ salmon and/or what I made wrong? Many thanks.
  7. Marmot

    Any Salmon action recently in Sydney ?

    Last Saturday I went to Garie beach, nothing... Of course it's pretty normal for me as a beginner.