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  1. I guess that's because of over-fishing. Every time I see some people, especially near Ugly bridge, and estuary of Cook River), catch fish no matter of the sizes, I feel bad.
  2. Yes, I didn't ask about the size, as I didn't, still, don't believe yellowfin could be so close to the shore. He told me the location--I searched it, I forgot it now....
  3. Use a large float, my co-worker told me he used live bait and managed a tuna
  4. I'm happy to know that Suzuki SX4 can carry Hobie Adventure/Revo 16. I think I would start at a paddle kayak with two seats (I need to convince her she could enjoy it as well........)
  5. I switched to "ISO" fishing, letting the bait float to avoid snags
  6. Thanks for your comments, @dirvin21 single kayak is my next step, as my wife, is always concerned about my safety, she tags along all the time when I go fishing.... That's why I said "Tandem". And I have a Corolla hatchback, over the top of my head, I need to equip cross bars to carry a large kayak. I heard it's not safe to drive on motorways, not to mention the length of my car. Ocean kayak would be the final option if I don't need to feed the family..... I will think about sit-on kayaks, this is important to me, safety always comes first. @savit "Easy to carry" and "Easy to clean" would be wonderful for me. If I go somewhere, say, Blue Mountains or small lakes, central coast, or botany bays, I just drive my car to get there, and put together pieces, then have fun. I will try big snake and C-kayak
  7. I'm interested in this model of kayak, yet haven't found any vendors selling this model. Another version --Mercury touring can be obtained from C-Kayak. I started to question myself about the choice, as usually people don't import and sell something customers don't like. So here come two questions: 1) Is it silly to buy such a kayak to go fishing in creeks/lakes/bays, even ocean? 2) How to buy this model cheap and easy? Many thanks for your time, I'm a starter trying to learn a thing or two about Kayak fishing, and also lose some weight.
  8. Marmot

    Like Jackets

    Try watersnake, or order some from ebay
  9. I lost 5 lures at Clovelly, no kingfish, no mackerel....
  10. I went there last week, land-based, unfortunately it was not allowed. Last Saturday, lots of kayaks &boats there
  11. This weekend I want to fly some lures at Shark Point, however, the wind will turn to SS, SSE, the window is very small. Not sure how dangerous it is to fish in the morning, the swell will be around 1.1m, rising tides
  12. Lured one barracuda,not sure of eating it or not
  13. I got another one, and sent it to other people. Actually, the taste is very good, better than baramundi
  14. It's not politically correct to blame commercial fishing, even those ones in the name of scientific research...