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  1. Marmot


    I went there last week, land-based, unfortunately it was not allowed. Last Saturday, lots of kayaks &boats there
  2. Marmot

    Clovelly Fishing

    This weekend I want to fly some lures at Shark Point, however, the wind will turn to SS, SSE, the window is very small. Not sure how dangerous it is to fish in the morning, the swell will be around 1.1m, rising tides
  3. Marmot

    Barracuda eating quality

    Lured one barracuda´╝înot sure of eating it or not
  4. Marmot

    Fish ID ?? (Numbfish)

    I got another one, and sent it to other people. Actually, the taste is very good, better than baramundi
  5. Marmot

    It needs to stop....

    It's not politically correct to blame commercial fishing, even those ones in the name of scientific research...
  6. Marmot

    Squid session this sunday 16/9

    Which spot? Last night I only got two, one mate got two as well.
  7. Marmot

    Fish ID ?? (Numbfish)

    I hooked one last night, and got shocked twice while fetching the rig and releasing it. Just wonder, is it edible? Or tastes like stingrays?
  8. Marmot

    Squid at the Spit

    Yeah land-based.
  9. Marmot

    Squid at the Spit

    This Saturday anyone is going to port hacking for squid?
  10. Marmot

    Carp fishing

    I checked the rules, which kinda made me laugh when it comes to carp. Catch and release only? I later checked Well, I guess Mainly dam is better. I have never tasted the Down-Under-versioned carps, but I still consider it's a good source of protein for us & pets. I ate plenty of carps before.
  11. Marmot

    Carp fishing

    Lane Cove National Park is kinda tricky to find a spot good for carp fishing as several segments of the river are forbidden from fishing. I'd like to give it a go if time allows
  12. Marmot

    Squid at the Spit

    Spit is a bit too far. Most of the time I try squidding at port hacking, however, seems it has something to do with the tide (especially lilli pilli)
  13. Marmot

    Squid at the Spit

    I bought some squid lures from China and tried last week, and hooked a big one, but it got away and left me a tentacle--the tiny tentacle could not hold its weight.
  14. Marmot

    Port hacking fishin

    I was at lilli pilli baths today and got only one squid. Luckily I throttled the idea of going to Gymea bay...
  15. Marmot

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    You all are so nice, I feel reinvigorated, just like recharged battery. Really appreciate every hint you provided.