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  1. Hey man Ive been using mustad penetrator hooks for livebaiting little poddys, they're light gauge but still fairly strong. 3/0 is a good universal size, Pin em under the chin and out through the top of the nose
  2. Haha that's heavy man, think I'm up to number 5 surface lures for this year, and I thought I was doing it hard. Understand why you n rick both hate them now lol. I used to feel the same way about mulloway G'day Neil, I haven't used wire trace or heard of anyone doing it before but I'm definitely no expert on the topic mate..They do have gnarly teeth though. Like dirvin said, they'll bust you off before you even know it, really powerful. And angry!
  3. Haha really, Ive been thinking lately of getting one as a pet. Psychoest little fish, I reckon they're awesome
  4. Gutamouth


    Some pretty good info there ^^^^ I run mono off the beach, I just find it easier for long casts, and having that stretch helps absorb a lot of tension in the line too. It's more comfortable to fish with I reckon. Bait and presentation is important for sure, but the key is picking the right gutter to fish. If conditions are right and you know you're in the best gutter along that beach then it's only a matter of time till some jew turn up. Sometimes it's more a matter of patience than skill lol
  5. Haha sure did, schoolies love em. I don't bother with slabs anymore there's too much rubbish bycatch. And with worms the bycatch isn't so bad..Youll catch way less shovelnose and rays using worms, BUT I reckon if you're after a proper big jew then a slab is the way to go ?
  6. Thank you gents They'll catch fish, Ive tried the tweed bait worms before and they were fine. Some tackle shops sell locally caught ones too which is pretty handy. Man ive even used gulp! soft plastic worms when I couldn't get any beach worms, and we caught bream on them. Surely a Jew would bite one too.
  7. Haha yeah mate I need some practice at that, bit of a newbie to the kayak scene lol. Forgetting to bring the net was a rookie move, I ended up cutting my foot around those mangroves on something sharp. Ya learn from it all but
  8. That's it, although I've worked that whole bank a few times now with nipper soft plastics for not even a touch? Maybe the big girls just aren't interested in em. There's always people pumping them further downstream though
  9. Cheers mate yeah it's a beauty, gets down pretty deep and has a nice action, it looks sick underwater. It hit on the pause when it was suspending Looking forward to those colder months, after seeing some of those big lays in the sand it's hard not going back ay
  10. Cheers man, I was literally flicking them only a couple of meters off the bank around the trees and stuff and just walking it back slowly. Can't wait till a big one comes along. Heaps of fun, except for all the mozzies. Got so hectic we had to leave haha Cheers yeah he was a good surprise, took the lure right in the shallows in about a foot of water ay. Determined to get that big one though now I know where he lives