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  1. Hi, Looking for a seat on a boat to do some game fishing....... 33yo with all my game setup and light tackle too, looking to join a boat preferably trolling/baiting for tuna (as soon as they hit off syd) kings, dollies or any other big species..... Willing to pay for ALL fuel expenses...meaning the whole lot ......(yatchs over 60m need not apply, lololol!!!) Respectful, sensible and fun company. If you are heading out and have a spot, give us a shout. Cheers, Xavier 0438297679
  2. Basshunter1


    Hey everyone, congratulations to everybody thats makes this great site possible!!! Im Xavier, experienced salt water (mainly beach/rock) fisherman new in Sydney. Have currently tried a few fishing spots around the northen beaches but im clueless to where to go a part from the beaches! Im posting to see if anybody is keen on meeting up and fish together while exchanging knowledge and keeping safe (by going together). Im a 31yo born in London but most of my fishing days have been in Spain. I have pro gear, car (willing to drive long distance), good sense of humor....... If anyone keen on doing some landbase beach/rock fishing with knowledge on places to fish and would like to meet up.......PM me. Thanks Keep up those posts!