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  1. Well guys this is what i got out of the whole about 50cm fish. Too much time to fillet and debone. Lol. Flesh wise not bad and thats how i cooked it. not bad for dinner. Haha. Thanks for the replies guys!!
  2. Hey guys. Caught this off the rocks at norah head lighthouse. Any idea the species or eating of the fish? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. Will keep in mind. Cheers.
  4. Hi everyone. Just joined the forum and was hoping to get some information about port stephens. I'm planning on heading there sunday night to fish nelson bay rock wall till morning. Would really appreciate any advice from anyone. I have fished there in the evenings and have seen people start coming in at 8 or 9 to probably fish overnight so i decided to give it a go. What would be the best to target there at this time of the year and should i be using floats and lights or a sinker? Thanks in advance.
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