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  1. Hi Guys Thanks for the responses. Seems not too many Raiders going down the Li track. FYI I kept lookinjg and as Kingie Chaser suggested checked out a few 4 x4 sites There were some great recommendation there after 5 years using the SolarKing range with 12V 100 AH going for above $600 ea ("discounted") which seems to be about the mid price point for Li. The specs say can connect parallel or series but just to check this and the warranty of 3-5 years I rang the seller in WA. They confirmed that they would be good for the 24V MK, marine environment, dedicated Victron charger etc and said they would send me a copy of the warranty (which I asked for as some are full of nonsensical "outs"). While waiting for this to be emailed I found another seller in Melbourne (quicker delivery to the Coast) and called him. We had a chat and THEN he told me he would not recommend connecting them in series!!! "What about the specs?" He said there were previous instances that they did not function properly in series because the internal BMS (battery management system) played up! An honest guy who put aside the $1,200 + sale! I now feel I have had enough and like Grantos and OneAF said, will go a couple of (heavier) AGM's (68 kg) which have to be sited on one side of this boat and before ordering I will check whether this will affect the trim. My mate has this sytem for the same 24V MK and has had no problem with all day on and off, trolling, spot locking in the Brissy currents etc. Sorry for the long post but it's to warn others that despite what it says in the specs, it ain't necessarily so!
  2. Yes Grantos, it is truly confusing.. May end up doing the same as you. There was an article I read from a yachtie who builds his own Li banks from the cells up, that despite all the advantages of Li batteries over Lead Acid, casual use such as once every couple of weeks or so (if I'm lucky) doesn't pay and to stick with AGM as you did because it doesn't justify current costs of good Li batteries. Some of the tests that have been done to check on the stated specs of some Li brands have been scary. Cheers psira
  3. Thanks Kingie Chaser Will investigate your suggestions for those two. You're right. There's a lot on 4x4 forums but I was hoping to hear from someone actually using the LiFePO4 for TM's. Seems the campers have somewhat different requirements and charging systems as they have a more continual usage. Minn Kota have also issued some cautions re the Li's because of their constant (and slightly higher) voltages that they say can cause overheating of the motor on "prolonged use". They say that their motors have been designed to accommodate the falling voltage of lead acid types that occurs naturally as the TM is being used. But given that caution, they do say you can use a Li battery. I like the technoilogy, the degree of discharge down to 90% compared to AGM's 50%, the light weight and the longevity etc. The price variations are enormous and it seems the best brands are in the US and not available here or if here, at enormous extra cost. Anyway, more reading I think before taking the plunge. Thanks again.
  4. Hello Raiders Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for lithium batteries? Just bought a 80 LB 24V Minn Kota for my Quintrex 5.6 tinnie and trying to avoid the space/weight of two 130 AH AGM's. When I finally get to have a fish I will be spot locking in the high current areas of Brizzy Waters and the Hawkesbury. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. as there have been several warnings and bad reviews on the Net about many of the offerings both cheap and more expensive for Li Fe PO4's. Thanks in advance. And whilst I have never had anything really worthwhile to contribute, I have certainly leaned a lot from knowledgeable members on this site!
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