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  1. seen alot of mullet in over the years but not that big its a freak
  2. Should be sharp enough if not rub them over a fine sharping stone
  3. Big flathead for the lake well done.
  4. All big tuna can do many miles a day. What i have done in the past is cube but you will need alot. If you can find out where the long liners are working you are in with a chance or even come across a long liner they work over the 500fth mark.
  5. Merc yamaha suzuki honda are all good hours on engine depends on how often it was serviced i would compression test before purchase good luck.
  6. yes southeast out of port entrance 140 to 150ft everything out there good reds mowies pigfish etc just dont use heavy lines 20lb mono is fine good luck.
  7. Head southeast out of port to 140 150ft there is a big reef out there get some fresh squid and those red rock cod are top eating if you get a decent size one they call them poor mans lobster.
  8. winter time time mate April onwards you start to get nice conditions off port catch yourself some fresh squid and head out to around 140ft.
  9. Yes its a difficult thing i have told people to go home many times at hill60 but it falls on deaf ears. One thing i have learnt over many years of fishing is that the ocean is a very dangerous place to be in or on or near.
  10. I dont think the deaths will stop at Hill60 i have told many a person to go home because of the conditions alot of people just dont get it.
  11. try abit of 600 wet and dry use water with a bit of detergent in it help it slip abit more
  12. Yes it would be thirsty but it would be a torque beast.
  13. 7.6 litre v12 you dont need forced induction with that capacity.
  14. Its about education about hill 60 you can not fish it on any type of decent south east or east running swell it can take your life very easily.
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