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  1. And its been really fair for everyone hasnt it mate like being bashed by police in western Sydney for no mask but thousands can go to beach with no masks on.
  2. never eaten one but have thrown plenty back and they get pretty big on the deep reefs.
  3. try berly mashed pillies in sand cheap tin of tuna things like that it nearly always brings something around
  4. They cant be serious that the 10k limit is included in the journey to the ramp and out to sea thats beyond me.
  5. water would be abit cold but if you berly something always comes around
  6. live squid they smash them if they are around
  7. find a good gutter on a local beach fish run up tide better fish on a beach than those fish
  8. yeah mate drop a burley bucket over the side or boat has a burley bucket. what i use is any fish frames pillies bit of tuna oil with bread works great also i keep all the oil out of tins of tuna i eat and freeze it you will get hundreds of yakka,s around the boat but squid will be there to good luck.
  9. believe it or not squid respond to berly anchor up and berly and throw jigs out in the trail good luck.
  10. mine was a guy i used to take out and it was always give you the cash next time which never came.
  11. seen alot of mullet in over the years but not that big its a freak
  12. Big flathead for the lake well done.
  13. All big tuna can do many miles a day. What i have done in the past is cube but you will need alot. If you can find out where the long liners are working you are in with a chance or even come across a long liner they work over the 500fth mark.
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