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  1. yeah could be brothers caught them at Kiama canyons
  2. Gurnard i have caught them on the shelf as well as 150ft they get around.
  3. braid isnt any good of rocks breakwalls hook a decent fish and its game over when it touches rocks also i would be using fresh baits for jews around the full moon good luck with the lures
  4. For welds to crack the aluminium sheets,plates are moving-flexing under load around the weld area etc so metal fatigue is happening causing them to crack need to strengthen the area.
  5. What about the people that fillet and release or keep undersize fish. I sold a barcrusher many years ago and was asked if it had secrete compartment to hide fish by a caller.
  6. I use fully synthetic diff oil in the gears of my eggbeaters and synthetic automatic transmission fluid in the drags washers seems to work great.
  7. you would have to be hard up to keep reds that small
  8. yeah you are right can gum up boat has 200ltr tank and i leave it around half then fuel up with fresh fuel before going out should help things.
  9. I have a yamaha 4stroke and leave fuel in the boat for up to 6 months never had a problem with octane or anything else.
  10. with light winds just drift over reefs pick up somthiing with enough time
  11. try and work the tides around high helps but it is a crap ramp at the best of times
  12. no kings there port breakwall or hill60 get kings landbase
  13. yeah there good eating bleed them put on ice great to eat there a type of tuna, Eating any fish has alot to do with what you do after it is caught,