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  1. Have a great weekend Raiders, sounds like the option of heading west and east is now on the cards. Can’t wait for the reports.
  2. Thanks for your comments guys. When we moved out here from the UK, I’m sure one of the visa demands were socks and thongs, especially for Newy! Plus I can’t wear Ugg boots because my six toes won’t fit😉
  3. Hi Raiders, As the weather was looking good last Sunday and Monday, my BiL and I decided to take my boat outside and try a bit of bottom bashing. Our last few trips on the lake have been really trying with only a handful of legal Flathead between us. On Saturday the plans changed as his mate was up for a flick too. We decided to take my BiL boat as it’s easier when three of us are flicking SP’s. So, alarm set for 4am on Sunday, meet up at his house at 5am so that we could hopefully be on the water by 5.45am. We put in at Balmoral boat ramp on Lake Mac. All went smooth as we were
  4. Hello fellow Raiders, My name is Kevin, I’m an Englishman married to a wonderful Australian. We decided to move back to her home town of Newcastle (hence the username) 2 years ago, our rescue dog came too. 15 years of hard graft owning a classic car restoration company in London, no down time to enjoy hobbies and the knowledge of the better lifestyle here in Oz made it an easy decision. Three generations of my family before me were all seafarers and I spent many of my younger years sailing and exploring the south coast of England on a yacht. I grew up in Southampton which has a very
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