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  1. So I have decided to re-spool my reels for my up-coming Fraser trip So I have 2 Alvey 650BCV-RR, for throwing baits mounted on 2 Gary Howard rods. I will be buying a Shimano Sedona FI 8000 for spinning metal sluggs. What 20lb Mono do you recommend? I am mainly after something with low memory, low stretch that wont break the bank. And before you mention using the right swivels, I'm all over it.. I just cant stand line twist, especially with the Alveys. 🀬 I also have a Saragosa 8000 currently loaded with Daiwa j braid 30lb, On advice I got from here (Fishraider), I wanna load up with 80lb braid for GT's. But i'm worried about line capacity. I have read the guide to braided fishing lines which is on here,how ever with so many choices I don't know where to start.πŸ₯΄ I was just thinking of meeting in the middle and going a 50lb? if you wanted to try and target a GT What would you do in my situation? (with an 8000 Saragosa) What braid would you buy? I Kinda wish I went for the 10000 Saragosa... πŸ™„ Thanks again guys, really appreciate it! Sometimes I think I am over thinking it.πŸ€£πŸ€”
  2. Cheers, I have alveys for bait fishing... This rod and reel is mainly for casting metal slugs. You generally don't use a wire leader with the halco spinners do you, just a heavier leader/tippet?
  3. Hey guys, I currently have a Shimano Saragosa, I am planning to use it for GTs with 80LB braid, up at fraser island, and buy a spare spool with 30lb line for tailor spinning. However I have realized that Saragosa spools are not cheep, in excess of $150 for a spool. So I would like to buy another reel preferably under 200, what do you recommend for tailor, what give me best bang for buck? Note, I will be using it with my pen prevail 10-15kg graphite. Thanks in advance! -Mat.
  4. Cheers mate!, I saw that GT... OMG I would have a heart attack.. lol Yeah, I'm thinking of giving slide baiting a go on my beach rod and alvey (Which has drag), Unfortunatly I would like to use my Shimano Saragosa for that however its spooled with braid. I was going to buy a spare spool and put mono on it, but I have spent a fortune on this trip... Hope the missus doesn't find outπŸ˜“ I will more than likely try popping off the rocks I also have a few minnows to play with, plus my metal slugs. Using the poppers what leader would you use? I have 30lb Daiwa jbraid spooled. keeping in mind if the spaniards are on.
  5. yeah vallue for money did it for me, level of equipment! She also has a factory rear dif lock Yeah regarding weights see the attached picture taken directly from mitsi's website Yeah, no GVM Upgrade for the pajero sport either.. TBH I'm at work i'm too tired to do the maths. haha #LifeOfaShiftWorker I will probably get a catch can with next service. on 4x4 earth I am: 4x4_Gone_Wild I am so looking forward to it, I'm doing it solo so it will be great to switch off! I was up at Perigian for the first time a few weeks ago, stunning! Yeah no kids here
  6. Will try 4x4 Earth Yeah thanks mate, as a Toyota guy, I was going to buy a 2012ish prado, but missus talked me into a new truck (She didn't want me buying someone elses problems), and I didn't want the Toyota 2.8 with the DPF Issues. Factor in they are almost 20k dearer than the PS and don't get half the tech that the PS has... I'm glad I did go for the Pajero Sport... I have had her since November and I love it! I was surprised how well she goes. Especially off road and even more so with the lift.. Very under rated. Also they actually have one of the highest payload capacities even more than a 200 series cruiser... 200 series 610kg, Prado 545kg, vs 670kg for the Pajero Sport, This is handy when you are adding about 200kg of accessories, in my case Bullbar, Winch, towbar, BD underbody protection roof platform, my fat ass and the missus + camping gear.. and kids... if you have any.. I dont!... 😁... That I know about anyway...😏 Yeah, Ok Then... hahaha There was a time when I would of said that... Then I saw the light. πŸ˜‰ Oh that sucks about the border closure... It is for a reason though... But it still sucks.. I have family in Sydney in one of the declared hot zones.. I have 3 weeks of Christmas annual leave booked, If I have to be in quarantine for 14 days when I get back the trip is pretty pointless, not to mention the cost of a hotel for 14 days... I live about 30 minutes from Bribie Island and have been camping up near rainbow beach a few times, so I am experienced on the sand, (Never been bogged touch wood) 2 words TYRE PRESSURES. if you are driving Like an idiot those washouts will catch you out.. There are 3 types of beach drivers, The experienced responsible, normally the fishos 😏 With the exception of those few fishos that insist on parking their rig right at the waters edge where you wanna be driving.) The international tourist/ Backpackers that are armed with a rental 80 series, and Near zero knowledge of safe beach driving..(Not their fault) Rental companies should take more responsibility in educating the back packers, maybe make them watch a safety video.... then tragedies like the one below may be more less likely.. 😟 Then you get the moron P Platers Normally in 4 inch lifted GU Patrols that think they are in a comp truck, they spend their day doing know the type.. Not all P Platers are like this, but the overwhelming majority that drive patrols are...πŸ€”
  7. Hey Guys, Just over 3 weeks to go till I go for the first time and I am pumped! I just have a few questions though. 1. of course during the early morning and arvos, I will be targeting tailor with metal slugs and pillies. At night is it worth trying for Jewies on these dates? Would you say the tides and moon are favorable? and what about baits, i was thinking of hurling tailor head, or fillet out on my Gary Howard 10kg rod? 2. First and foremost I am a bait fisho, however I am taking a few midsize and larger poppers, and my Pen Prevail 10-15kg paired with My Shimano Saragossa 10 000. I was hoping to connect with a GT or other pelagics during the day, Is it worth trying? How would you target them? and where? I was thinking sandy cape because i'm lead to believe there are sand flats up there? Or indian Head, (of course adhering to the closure 400m north of indian head) 3. During the day I will be also fishing for bread and butter fish whiting bream small trevers etc so I will be collecting pippies. Is there anywhere on the island that sells live Beach worms? I cant for the live of me catch them... I have spent hours trying... 4. Is there anywhere on the island where you can chuck a cast net and get live bait, herring etc?... 5. is there a specific UHF Chanel people generally use on the island? I'm thinking for places like Ngkala rocks where you would like to know if there is someone barreling the other way before you try. 6. Do the fresh water filling points on the island have a standard outlet that you can screw a garden hose attachment onto such as this Nylex 12mm Universal Adaptor? And are you able to drive up to the taps? Thanks for the help guys! If there is anyone over there on these dates, feel free to give me a Yell, I will be in the White modified Pajero Sport.. (Probably the only PS on the island.. HAHA)
  8. Derek That Video! That kings a MONSTER... I've caught meter kings and they go hard, but that's nuts... the 20000 Saragosa sounds the goods though!
  9. Thanks for the awesome response and the videos, Both look like awesome ways of doing the FG knot. So I picked up my rod and reel today, I bought a Pen Prevail 10-15kg Lure rating 50-150g, and a Shimano Saragosa 8000 Spooled with multi colour J Braid 8, 30LB Thanks again! LOL... Well aware of that I prefer my fingers in one piece.. . I have mono on my Alveys. My new rod is not a low mount.. Thanks any way πŸ˜‚ Thanks for your help guys, I just cant wait for these god forsaken restrictions to be over so I can get back out there...
  10. Hey Sorry for the delayed reply on this, however I was reading this because i'm buying a Saragosa tomorrow. I thought this may be useful Last night I watched a 55min video on Youtube, this dude tears down a Slammer and a Saragosa side by side comparing everything from gearbox, Drag and sealing . if you have time to bur worth the watch! Penn Slammer vs Shimano Saragosa
  11. Hi all, Sorry in advance for the long post! Firstly just wanna say I read the sticky post on braid (very interesting!), and I did a search for the info i'm looking for but to no avail. I have been a Mono filament bait fisher all my life (That's a long time ) I tried braid about 10 years ago, with very average success. The issues I had was that it broke very easy in relation to the given breaking strain I had issues with line twist and tangles, regardless of swivels I used. When I was casting I could feel the leader not passing through the guides so I feel it affected my casting distance and winding in the knot would catch on the guides. Fast forward to today, I'm booked, locked, and loaded to go to Fraser during the last week of August (restrictions permitting...). I'm taking with me my 2 Gary Howard surf rods One is a surf Bream, The other is a greenback, with 650 and 750 Alveys (both with drag) respectively, and my Gary Howard Estuary 9 for bream/whiting. Tomorrow I'm more than a bit excited to say, I pick up my newest rig, Assassin XH 11' Graphite Rod paired with a Shimano Saragosa SW 8000. Specifically for casting metal slugs, weighted minnows, and largish poppers. Of course i'm trying to connect with Tailor, but I wouldn't mind catching a Queen fish or an elusive GT, both would be a first for me. I have decided to give Braid a solid crack again.. I figure its been 10 years, surely braid has come a long way in that time. However I have a few questions Firstly What brands are people using? What breaking strain or PE should I be looking for? I was thinking of having a spare spool so I can have one with lighter line for tailor and other species, and a heavier line for popping, fishing for Jews etc.. is it worth doing this with braid or am I just better off going a heavier braid on the reel to begin with.? How long should a leader be? Does it really need to go all the way back to the reel and What's the easiest and most compact knot to use when joining main line to leader so it goes through the guides with no issue? Is there a different rule concerning swivels when using braid? Bonus Question: When fishing for tailor using (Halco Twisties), and popping/and using weighted minows for GTs, Queenies, and other toothy critters; which is better, a single strand stainless wire trace (i'm thinking of making a few) or a heavy 60-80lb mono trace/tippet? THANKS in advance for your help, it just feels like a waste buying an outfit like this and putting mono on it, And I have NO Idea when it comes to braid. Thanks heaps in advance for your help! Mat.