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  1. Hey Andras, I fish Narrabeen lakes plenty with my younger brother and one location that is guaranteed a catch is near the caravan park on the north-east side of the lake. He has a video on his youtube channel in this area, the best way to go about fishing here is to have the smallest hook you can with a small ball of bread on the tip, there are a few large fish about it can be hard to get them to bite before the little ones get to it first. There is another location that often has good results this is near the Woolworths which has a higher chance of getting a bigger fish he also has made a video in this area but we only caught a few small tarwhine and bream. But I did have something large come off, it almost broke my rod. The final location I can recommend is on the tip of the point off Wimbledon Avenue in Narrabeen, this part of the lake has similar small sized fish but we once hooked on a large jewfish that sadly broke off just before we landed it. Good luck fishing!
  2. I was down at Dee Why Saturday evening and hooked up on 6 whiting and so did my brother, too small to keep but it was fun!
  3. Date: 5/20/2017 Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm Location: Spit Bridge Landbased Bait: Salted Pilchards & Squid Results: I went down with my brother with a short amount of time and boy was it worth it, although we only caught baitfish it was a great time. This area was full of life, I've been there before there are 3-5 eels that are always there and today was no different. I had gotten a burley bucket and within minutes there was an octopus all over it and he was stubborn. I pulled him out of the water and nearly got him and then boom I get shot with a jet of water and it's gone not the Yakka bite was going mad, I was using a balloon rig with 2 hooks with one of those hooks running the first cast I get 2 yakka's on one bait as time goes on we catch a total of 12. If I hade more time I would of live baited them but this was not the case, my brother caught the largest. All fish were caught on Pilchards, they disliked the squid
  4. Hey, I love fishing but I need some spots land based. I willing to go anywhere in middle harbour and anywhere on the northern beaches. If you can give me some great spots for any species that would be great