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  1. It was not good from what I heard. I didn't eat it. But the flesh is "mushy". Wouldn't recommend
  2. It was pretty much this colour, I don't remember any colours that really stood out to me when I first caught it. I think it's a bluethroat wrasse actually.
  3. That's interesting. I had a look and the head looks a bit different. Also the scales are pretty large if that makes any difference.
  4. Interesting, I asked my friends dad who's also a fellow fisho and he said either a parrot fish or grouper. But we got this one at the wharf. So not sure how common that is.
  5. That's true, I normally do that if it's an abnormal looking fish. But I caught it on the wharf and some fishos there commented it was a wrasse and the size was good enough to keep. So I took on their advice. But since going home couldn't find a match in the app or on the nsw website caused me to seek further clarification on this forum.
  6. Thanks mate I have the My fishing Mate pro on my phone already and I check any fish I'm not sure of on this app. this time I checked the fish on the app (you can select state as well) but didnt have any luck finding a match.
  7. Thought today was going to be as windy as earlier this week, but as we got to the wharf, it was quite calm. Started using prawns and got some great results. Reeled in this monster about 35cm long. But have no idea what it is? Wrasse of some sort? Teeth is definitely sharp. Found another hook inside it's mouth too. Nearly caught a huge flathead too but line snapped as it came towards the surface. Oh well. Seems like fish is more active now than in the cold winter.
  8. Holy crap! Look at the teeth on that thing! Nice work
  9. Hi guys Found a few of my dad's vintage rods and thought I'd give them a go before investing more into fishing. He has an old 4-6kg Shimano rod in working order, just wondering which size reel would go best with this. What would a heavier set up catch? Can I pair it with a light reel? Mainly fishing land based. He has a few vintage reels too but a little rusted. So I might give it a go cleaning it and see if I can restore any of them.
  10. Neither was I from the reports I've seen. Maybe it was the specific cross breed of carp or the river, but tasted very sweet almost sugar like. Heaps of spike though so takes a while to get through.
  11. That gives me a peace of mind. Thanks Yowie!
  12. I am genuinely confused now regarding what fish it was. It had those tiny whiskers on its mouth which I thought carp had.
  13. OK now I'm not sure what I caught... The colour looks like Rudd but the body looks silver.
  14. The river we were at was definitely very muddy looking. Couldn't see the bottom at all. I suspect the size of the carp also indicates it hasn't been there for long which means less of a muddy taste. All thanks to this forum next up squidding
  15. I just looked up redfin, the tail colour does look similar!!
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