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  1. Ok, so I’ve got a silly question. What’s a lume? I just bought a boat and the gauges (tacho, speedo, etc.) aren’t connected. The previous owner said I need to get a lume to connect it. Google isn’t telling me where to buy it so I’m hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. Its a Haines Hunter v16r and the engine is a 70hp Yamaha 2 stroke (2003 I think). Cheers, Mike
  2. Hey Antony, With the trailer axle so far back it's really sturdy when I'm working in it, but it's an absolute pain to move. I have to use the jockey wheel to move it round, otherwise I need a second person to lift it. Haven't had a chance to give it the TLC yet, I've been away a lot for work and when I am home the boat is in the water. I'll get to over the next few weeks and keep you posted. Mike
  3. I’ve recently bought myself an old speed boat and I’m planning on putting some love back into it. At the moment the hull is white but it’s got some brown stain on it. Anyone have any suggestions on restoring/improving the paint? Also, does anyone have an ideas as to what brand and year this hull might be? The previous owner had no idea what brand it is. Cheers Mike
  4. It doesn't feel or smell like gearbox oil (not that I'm an expert on gearbox oil)
  5. Hi All, I took the carby back out, and removed the new float and needle that I had put in. I replaced with the old float and needle, and that fixed the issue with fuel coming out of the top of the carby. I started it up, and it ran pretty well at lower speeds, but then misfired as I increased the throttle. It felt like it was getting up to a higher speed before misfiring, but still misfiring nonetheless. I then put in the new spark plugs, tested it, and again it was misfiring. Lastly, I put on the new coils, and finally success! I slowly increased the throttle till it was almost at full throttle, then let it run for a few minutes. I did this twice more, and it didn't misfire at all. Jeff was right from the start, it was a spark problem not the fuel. I did however notice another issue. There is a brown sludge coming out of one of the holes that water comes of. When the engine is running water is coming through, but when I stop the engine, the brown sludge starts to come out. I have a feeling it may be mud, as it didn't feel or smell like grease. Also, when the boat is tied to my jetty it sits on the mud at low tide. Anyone have any alternative ideas or suggestions about this? Lastly, thank you to everyone that has given me advice. Your help is greatly appreciated. Regards, Mike
  6. I should mention I also put new spark plugs in. At $5 each I thought it couldn't hurt to replace them.
  7. Hi Jeff, Sorry for the late response, I've been away for the past 2 weeks. I took the carby off, gave it a thorough clean with carby cleaner and compressed air. I also got a carby kit, and replaced a few of the small parts. When I put the carby back on and went to test it, I noticed fuel is coming out of the top of the carby when I pump the primer bulb. I suspect there is an issue with the float and/or needle, so it's not sealing off the fuel bowl as it should when it gets full. I tried starting the engine, and no luck. Sounds like its flooded (probably due to the bowl overflowing). I'm going to take the carby back out this weekend and have a look at the float and needle. Might even put the old float and needle back in and see out it goes. I've also bought 2 new coils to replace the old ones which are looking pretty sore and sorry. I'll wait till I've fixed the carby issue before I tackle that though. Regards, Mike
  8. Hi Jeff, I took your advice and looked into the spark. - Pressure Test: got 97 PSI on the top cylinder, and 100 on the bottom - Spark Plug Gap: .04" and .038" - Spark Plug Condition: Look ok (see attached photos) - Spark Test: the top coil seems to be sparking well, however the bottom coil isn't. Below are links to videos of the spark test. Not until the 3rd crank did the bottom coil spark. Top: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw2b0-V8wf8 Bottom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p7yNVXI_DM - Condition of Coils: the top coil looks ok, but the bottom coil is looking pretty worn. (see attached photos) Given the condition of the bottom coil, and how poorly it's sparking I think this is my issue. What are your thoughts? Bottom Coil Top Coil
  9. Hi Roylo, When I first put it in gear and the prop is turning there are no issues. If I continue to run it at a low speed there are still no issues. It's only when the speed is increased that the issue starts occurring.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions Jeff. I'll give them a try Regards, Mike
  11. Hi All, I’m having issues with my outboard losing power as I increase the speed. It’s a 30hp Evinrude, most likely a 1995/96 model (not sure of the exact model). Starting the engine, idling, and running a low speeds it has no issue. It’s when I start to increase the speed that it starts to lose power and rev quite erratically. As soon as I pull back the throttle it runs fine. I’ve uploaded a few videos onto youtube of the issue occurring as I increase the speed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Lwf96CGgoA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6alON8wwqIU I got the boat in January, and had a similar issue a few weeks after buying it. That issue turned out to be fuel starvation due to a leak in the fuel pump. After a service, new fuel pump, and $750, the boat ran great for 2-3 months. I use by boat quite regularly, so it probably had about 20-30 issue free trips before it started occurring again. Given the previous issue and advice I’ve read online, I suspected this was also a result of fuel starvation. I’ve done the following checks on the fuel system: Checked the fuel line is pumping through plenty of fuel (fuel line was replaced in January) Loosened the screw on the fuel pump, and pumped the primer bulb. Plenty of fuel comes through Removed the screw at the bottom of the fuel bowl, then pumped the primer bulb. Penalty of fuel comes through I’ve also visually inspected all of the hoses from the fuel line connection, through to the fuel pump, and through to the carburettor, all of which appear to be in good condition with no signs of leaks or loose connections Through all of these checks I can’t find any issue. I’ve tried using different fuel and had the same result. I’m also very precise when mixing in the 2-stroke outboard oil. When the boat was serviced in January, the spark plugs we’re replaced and the mechanic was impressed with how good the compression was considering the engine’s age. My next thought it to take out and clean the carburettor, however I’m reluctant to do so before I get more advise on the matter. Any suggestions or advice that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more details please let me know. Thank you!