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  1. Xi803

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    Thank you everyone for their advice. Been reading through the comments and I've decided to up the budget and get a new 460 Renegade SC and 60 or 70 Yammie So off to the boat show in 2 weeks and try to make a deal. Thanks again for the advice.
  2. Xi803

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    Thanks guys. Towing shouldn't be an issue as i have a decent 4wd. Toyota FJ Cruiser
  3. Hi guys. Just need some advice on buying a boat. Wanting to upgrade from my 2006 Quintrex 460 Dory tiler steer. Im looking for either a side or centre console. Budget is 20k to 25k for a low hour used boat. I normally fish the hawkesbury river for bream and flatties and do go to the heads at Sydney harbour and Jervis bay to chase Kingies. Still very new to boating as i have only owned my Quinnie for 1yr. Looking to fish a bit further out. Peaks, Fads 12mile etc... I will still mainly use it for inshore but like to know that it will be capable to fish offshore on calm days. Thanks.