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  1. Hey raiders, Deckee (owners of Fishraider) have a longstanding relationship with the University of Newcastle, including an exciting new project we are working on behind the scenes for you all... 😉 They recently announced the launch of a new Bachelor of Coastal and Marine Science ahead of its first intake in Semester 1 2020 at both their Callaghan and Central Coast campuses. I wanted to share the news with you all as I suspect many of you might be quite intrigued, if you are wanting to learn about our diverse coastal environments. In the degree, students will have the opportunity to conduct fieldwork in key coastal and marine landscapes. From pristine estuaries to urban developments, major waterways and coastal zones, students will investigate and contribute to solving real world problems. The University is holding two information sessions about the program in November. It will be an opportunity to hear from leading academics, industry experts and get hands on with some of the unique equipment marine scientists are using every day. I've added the details below, and you can register for either event here. Event Location: Newcastle, Cooks Hill Life Saving Club Date: Tuesday 19.11.19 Time: 5-7pm Event Location: Central Coast, Avoca Beach Surf Life Saving Club Date: Thursday 21.11.19 Time: 5-7pm
  2. Great feedback Squirt! The idea definitely has a lot of merit and we're giving it some consideration. These things are costly to build, but with enough member participation, we could make it viable.
  3. Hi folks, Thanks to everyone that completed the community survey!! There has been a TON of great insights and feedback that we can use to help us focus on the right things for the community. Here’s a quick summary of all the input and feedback you have given: Generally speaking, everybody is really happy with the forums. Plenty of comments about the helpfulness and responsiveness of the community! The majority of you would love an official Fishraider app combining the forums with an interactive map showing reports, ramps, weather, and the location of other Raiders. There has been a number of requests to create a dedicated Articles section, where members with expertise can submit helpful and informative articles and guides for the benefit of other members. Many of you would love to organise some informal social events. Because Raiders come from far and wide, it may be more efficient for us to give you the tools and resources you need to set up official local Fishraider meetups in your city or town, which could then be posted on a central Fishraider events board. This way, events could occur all the time, and you would not need to travel far and wide to attend them. We would love some input from everybody on this? Let's keep this conversation going!! Lots to do...
  4. G'day all! Today we're launching the Fishraider Community Survey so that you can have your say in the future of Fishraider. 🗣️ Start the survey We are really keen to hear your thoughts on what you love (and don't love?) about Fishraider, what you would change or add to the forum, and also get your input into some exciting new ideas we are working on. It's an interesting time for internet forums – the advertising supported model of the last 20 years in no longer viable. Fortunately, as many of you already know, Fishraider is owned by the same wiz team behind the Deckee app, meaning we have the capabilities to make Fishraider bigger and better, help you connect and share with one another, and give you interactive tools to enhance your fishing and boating experiences. Really looking forward to hearing your input guys! Cheers, Mike Start the survey
  5. Hey Shakey55, we could definitely look into ordering more. We just need plenty of members interested in getting their hands on them so we can keep them affordable for everyone. Larger quantities = lower costs! 👍
  6. Sounds like that might be the issue Dunc! If the version of Android that is running on your phone is a few years old, that's likely preventing it from loading correctly. Try updating to the latest version of Android if you can.
  7. Hi gang, just an update – the last of the Fishraider tees have been sent this afternoon! My sincere apologies to 3 members who have been patiently waiting while we sort out some sizing issues. Hope everyone is loving them – would be great to see some photos of the shirts out in the wild!! Cheers, Mike
  8. Hey Dunc, what version of Android is your phone running mate? Unfortunately its too difficult to make the app available on old versions of Android, so that might be what's happening there. If you can let me know what version of Android you have I will look into it for you! Mike
  9. Hey everyone! Fishraider tees have been sent out yesterday – you can expect them by the end of the week!! I have a couple of people waiting patiently for a particular size... those orders won't be far behind either. Hope you like them as much as I do! Mike
  10. G'day raiders! We're stoked to announce that Fishraider has teamed up with the Deckee app – Australia's FREE boating and fishing app available on iOS and Android. After many months of tireless work and listening to feedback from Aussies like you, we've built the ultimate app for marine enthusiasts – with maps, weather forecasts, fishing spots, community reports, marine services, safety alerts and much more. We can't wait for you to try it out. ➡️ Download free on iOS ➡️ Download free on Android Some of the awesome features of the free Deckee app ? Over 13,000 Aussie fishing spots at your fingertips Add reports, photos and tips of fishing spots with other members, it's all about sharing your experiences with the community! ? Weather conditions and forecasts Tap the Forecast button on the map to get an up-to-date marine weather forecast anywhere in Australia. Plus, receive important marine safety notices from Transport for NSW when they affect your area (more states coming soon). ⭐ Marine services directory with reviews and ratings Find and compare thousands of local marine service providers, plus read reviews and ratings from the boating community to help you make decisions. ⚠️ Navigation aids, speed zones and boat ramps Everything you need for a safe day on the water is at your fingertips on the Deckee map. (Some of these features are only available for New South Wales at the moment, but more states are coming soon!) ? Boat insurance finder service Find the best cover for you and your boat with Deckee's innovative boat insurance finder service. The best part is, it's completely free to use. ?️ AIS Vessel Tracking Keep an eye on the movements of AIS registered vessels everywhere you go. I am very keen to listen to your feedback on the app and any features you would like us to build for you? Let me know your ideas below. Cheers, Mike ➡️ Download free on iOS ➡️ Download free on Android
  11. Hey Dunc! The aim is to have everyone's shirts delivered by end of next week. This isn't a money making exercise for us, so I really appreciate everyone's support while we have been organising the shirts. More updates soon!! Mike
  12. Hey raiders! Mike here. If you’ve been thinking it’s been a little quite since I first introduced myself a couple of months back, it’s because we’ve been flat out behind the scenes working on some really cool things. The first of these things I’m pumped to announce today! Just in time for Spring, we’re releasing some awesome, artist designed FISHRAIDER TEES available to pre-order! They will be a limited edition run and you can secure yours now here: shop.fishraider.com.au ?? PLUS – all pre-orders before August 31st will receive FREE shipping Australia-wide. We have sizes from Small through to XXL, and all tees will be delivered MID-SEPTEMBER. So without further ado... The ALL STAR CAST Tee – $45 The ALL STAR CAST tee is a tribute to the very essence of Fishraider, and just so happens to have a sneaky double meaning... First and foremost, it is a shout out to all the regular posters and visitors to this fine community of ours... an 'all star cast' fit for a Hollywood blockbuster. And secondly, it describes the skills of a Fishraider quite accurately, does it not? Get one The REEL DEAL Tee – $45 The REEL DEAL tee speaks for itself. Fishing is serious business and since 2004 Fishraider's have been getting the job done, all around this great country of ours. Better than your average shirt. It's the real deal. Get one The MEMBER PACK – $80 (Save $10!) Want both? We’ve set up an option to buy a combo kit including BOTH tees, with a $10 discount. Happy days. Get the member pack Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be doing our best to keep the goods coming. Do you have any ideas for more Fishraider gear? I’d love to know what you think. Hit me back! Mike
  13. Hey Kingie Chaser, glad you asked mate. We've just added some sizing info to the shop, but to make life easier here it is:
  14. Roger that Deek! We might have to save the beanies for when the colder months roll around again next year. In the meantime, maybe some summer hats are the way to go?
  15. Duly noted Frank!! Great ideas. You've got us thinking...... ?