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  1. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens wind farm

    That’s the way, you can never have enough brownie points, I’m driving kids around for star struck for the next few days so hopefully I’ll accumulate a few myself
  2. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens wind farm

    A bit of salt spray might fix you up Baz
  3. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens wind farm

    Hi all went for a quick one this morning as I new the wind was coming up. And what do you know as soon as I get to my spot up it comes. Struggled but got a feed in the end. Heaps of small snapper out there just on size, kept a couple as their swim bladders came out. 4 x snapper 1 x pearly 1x morwong 1 x flathead 1 x bonnie Anyway I’m thinking of farming the wind instead of fishing as every time I go out it blows its guts out even when only light winds are forecast. Still better then work
  4. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens- snaps are chewing!

    Nice feed fellas, hope you left me a couple up there
  5. Peter Nelson

    Squid Info

    Maybe have them in a keeper net off the side of the jetty or boat where your fishing. Might work( not sure).
  6. Peter Nelson

    Lost containers - Nelson Bay

    Thanks for the heads up mate. i wouldn’t like hitting one, it might make the crack I’ve got in my hull a bit bigger
  7. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens Wide

    Nice feed mate, I've got to get one if those vac seal machines. How long does the fish last in the freezer doing it that way?
  8. Peter Nelson

    Trailer repairs

    The problem welding galvanised steel is you need to grind it off to weld and the heat produced also effects the area. If you prep the area, paint properly and coat the crap out of it with some form of corrosion prevention it should last for a while. try not to fully submerge the trailer helps as well
  9. Peter Nelson

    Trailer repairs

    I’ve got the same problem on the the cross members, Rusting out bad where the bend is. Got quoted $600 for welding in 2 galvanised ones. A lot cheaper obviously if I do it myself which I’m considering .
  10. Peter Nelson

    That time of year again Snapper

    Some nice fish there mate. What fish is that second from the right of the bonito. Pig fish?
  11. Peter Nelson

    Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Good choice Baz. Hard not to eat some nice fresh squid. If you ever have too much you can send them my way, ha ha
  12. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens 20/5/2018

    Hey Baz I went out today with pretty much the same results. couple of Bonnie’s, hoping the weather man got the forecast wrong, nope he got it right , blowing hard and slop. Did you find your leak?
  13. Peter Nelson

    Only One Red

    Yeah mate 2/1 roster Heading back home on Thursday and planning on heading out on Monday. Not sure about heading to Broughton or heading out a bit wider to get a few trag and pearlies. If it’s not blowing I might try a bit of slow jigging on some reefs. Marked some ok spots last time out so wouldn’t mind going back
  14. Peter Nelson

    Only One Red

    Yeah I'm up north at the moment and blowing hard,dust everywhere. Can't wait to get home and get amongst them, ha ha( hopefully)
  15. Peter Nelson

    Only One Red

    Nice one Baz, what colour plastic are you using, doesn’t look like coconut ice, might be the secret weapon?