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  1. Had a couple of hours free after the kids went off to school and decided to try and target some green eye squid. Went out inside of moon island but found the water very average looking and didn't even get a sniff, so went to plan b,a bit of a cast into some washes with some lures. Came around the corner of moon island and found a heap of birds sitting over a dark patch, you beauty some fish. Only could manage salmon but it was a bit of fun. Gave up in the end as a couple of dolphins pushed them in too close to the rocks to cast. Last time I found a school like that In that area i pulled some nice snapper from under the school, maybe next time.
  2. Apparently a few kings down around fingal if you head that way
  3. Nice one mate, hope you left a few for me ha ha. Might see you up there soon now the holidays are over
  4. Just looking at alternatives since I can by the penrite around the corner. As long as it's got the same additives, properties and is cheaper why not I guess
  5. Thanks mate, hopefully I can squirt it in just with the bottle and I don't have to buy a pump
  6. I've been looking at Penrite marine gear oil, wasn't sure if compatible or not
  7. Hi All Just wondering if anyone uses an alternative oil other then yamalube in the gearcase. Got a 70h 2 stroke I think around 2006 model. Not sure what viscosity it should be. Cheers
  8. Tried a few when I lived in SA. A mate used to pickle them and keep them in jars, they were ok. Apparently blue rings love living in the shells so be carefull
  9. Did you get yourself a new boat mate?
  10. Mate, I had a great day on the water, learnt alot from yourself and Woodsy and looking forward hopefully for another fish. Wish I had my leader breaker to show a photo of but I decided to let him swim away, ha ha. I didn't have any nightmares about it either.
  11. Ha ha I think it was a gannet Baz, bad id on my behalf. Looking at the albatross I think it's hooked beak would have caused some serious damage.
  12. Hi Baz, plastic style mate. Bloody albatross flew into my line when I cast it, it mauled my wrist pretty good trying to untangle it. It flew away but ive got some good cuts and scratches now, hope they don't get infected, ha ha
  13. Thanks for your help mate, much appreciated. That's about the 3rd weekend I've finished in as many years, love my Monday sessions, nice and quiet 👍
  14. Mate a bit more wind then I thought it was going to be. Ok drift but the usual weekend crowd made it a bit hard. Good luck mate let me know how when you go
  15. Decided to head to broughton after deciding the work around the house can wait especially after being inspired by Scratchies reports. Got some livies and started drifting. Got 1 after the 3rd drift about 38cm, nothing touched the livey and only got 1 or 2 small snapper all on slimey fillets. Changed spots only to find about 10 boats driving around stirring the place up so wasn't surprised got nothing there. Was messaging Scratchie and he suggested a spot. Wasn't looking good but after the 3rd drift got 2 just legal and a nice 51cm on a slimey head. Sammy the seal soon shut down the fishing so headed home quiet happy. Looking forward to my chefing attempt of a baked snapper