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  1. Peter Nelson

    Reds again

    Nice one Rick. Are you getting them on lake Mac squid?
  2. Peter Nelson

    Swansea FAD

    Mate it was about 40-45m
  3. Peter Nelson

    Swansea FAD

    I had to throw a bait one way and feed down a livey to try to fool the buggers. One that got tangle mauled me trying to release it much to my mates pleasure. I'm not sure what hit the flatty but it put a good gash towards the tail
  4. Peter Nelson

    Swansea FAD

    Got up early and quickly loaded up on smilies and yakkas, but as usually I attracted the wind. Rough trip out and back but managed to get a few. So frustrating trying to get baits past the mutton birds, couldn't even use any plastics. Had a quick flatty drift on the way in an managed 1 and a leather jacket. Something nailed it on the way up on the tail and the next undersize flatty that came up had something fairly big follow it up, couldn't tell what it was but had a blueish/silver look. Can't complain too much as it was better than being at work.
  5. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens- Toona time!

    Nice one fellas. Looks better than Swansea was this morning, fairly wind at the fad. Are they any good eating?
  6. Peter Nelson

    Fadtabulous Port Stephens

    My one was very similar to Ricks. I put an elbow on for a trial as my one wouldn't pick up water while driving, when I'm driving to my spot I don't need to run the pump, the flow of the water was quiet surprising and probably better then just when the pump is running. I think I'll put a tap in to slow the flow down a bit or for when I don't won't to use the tank I'll shut the water off completely. Hopefully how I'm doing it doesn't kill my pump. I'll try to get a photo this afternoon
  7. Peter Nelson

    Fadtabulous Port Stephens

    Nice one Baz. I hit Swansea FAD on Monday and managed 10 just legal and there were heaps just under. I've had similar issues with my pickup in the past and trialled an elbow on the bottom of the pipe with the opening facing towards the front of the boat. It worked a treat when driving but just need a tap inline as Rick suggested. All my live squid stayed healthy even right back to the boat ramp.
  8. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens - I Finally Got Out

    Nice one Baz, good to hear you got out for a fish. I went out today and only managed a few trag, seemed like most people got the same as they were the only fish I saw getting cleaned.👍.
  9. Peter Nelson

    Wednesday Woes At Port Stephens

    Good to hear you got back out on the water Baz. What's the ramp like at the moment, still crowded?
  10. Peter Nelson

    Lake Mac snaps

    Nice catch mate. I hit the lake the other day and only managed a few tailor. That snapper at the top looks like a good one, how big did it go?
  11. Peter Nelson

    Anchor retrieval clip

    Thanks mate. I was planning on splicing 2 ropes together to make a longer one. Due to me being a fairly ordinary spicer I think it might get stuck when it slide over the splice. I also didn't realise they were suited to different sized diameter ropes. I think I might get one with just a big ring. Cheers
  12. Peter Nelson

    Anchor retrieval clip

    Hi All I'm looking at getting a bouy and clip setup to help pull the anchor up and found a fairly cheap second hand one. Just wondering if anyone has used one of these and if I spliced 2 ropes together would it slide through ok? Cheers
  13. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens boxing day

    I couldn't even clean my fish there, no where to park after pulling the boat in, ha ha. Might park up for a few weeks and do a bit of work on the boat.
  14. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens boxing day

    Your not wrong mate. Not sure if half of them should be allowed out there or if they have licenses. Watching some as we were trying to get back in, 1 bloke didn't even know how to get his jet ski off the trailer, that took about 1/2 hr another bloke parked his massive battle ship( as we called it) right it the reverse bay and he decided to go have a picnic with his family,leaving his big setup shutting down a 3rd of the ramp, talk about frustrating
  15. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens boxing day

    Hi Baz I normally go into hibernation this time of year but thought I'd give it a go. Like you I think I'll park up for a couple of weeks. I got them in about 55-60m. Good eating too.