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  1. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens- 5-8-19

    Did you get yourself a new boat mate?
  2. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens- 5-8-19

    Mate, I had a great day on the water, learnt alot from yourself and Woodsy and looking forward hopefully for another fish. Wish I had my leader breaker to show a photo of but I decided to let him swim away, ha ha. I didn't have any nightmares about it either.
  3. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens snapper attempt 3

    Ha ha I think it was a gannet Baz, bad id on my behalf. Looking at the albatross I think it's hooked beak would have caused some serious damage.
  4. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens snapper attempt 3

    Hi Baz, plastic style mate. Bloody albatross flew into my line when I cast it, it mauled my wrist pretty good trying to untangle it. It flew away but ive got some good cuts and scratches now, hope they don't get infected, ha ha
  5. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens snapper attempt 3

    Thanks for your help mate, much appreciated. That's about the 3rd weekend I've finished in as many years, love my Monday sessions, nice and quiet 👍
  6. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens snapper attempt 3

    Mate a bit more wind then I thought it was going to be. Ok drift but the usual weekend crowd made it a bit hard. Good luck mate let me know how when you go
  7. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens snapper attempt 3

    Decided to head to broughton after deciding the work around the house can wait especially after being inspired by Scratchies reports. Got some livies and started drifting. Got 1 after the 3rd drift about 38cm, nothing touched the livey and only got 1 or 2 small snapper all on slimey fillets. Changed spots only to find about 10 boats driving around stirring the place up so wasn't surprised got nothing there. Was messaging Scratchie and he suggested a spot. Wasn't looking good but after the 3rd drift got 2 just legal and a nice 51cm on a slimey head. Sammy the seal soon shut down the fishing so headed home quiet happy. Looking forward to my chefing attempt of a baked snapper
  8. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens- Last snapper report???

    Mate I never get sick of your reports, only problem now is im keen to go fishing this weekend when I was hoping to get a few things done around the house, best get my priorities right and get the boat ready
  9. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens- Magic Day

    Nice one fellas, must have been all the Burley I threw out the night before that got them chewing, ha ha
  10. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens arvo session

    Thanks mate, i wasted some prime fishing time as my gps kept shutting down or turning white screen, still had my sounder as the gps is a stand alone unit. Hopefully a loose connection or I'm up for a new one or a second hand one If I can find one
  11. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens arvo session

    Went out for a quick arvo session with a mate from work. Went out the front of tomaree to try for some livies, first drop a nice jacket on the jig. Got a couple of yakkas and gars . Hit cabbage tree and gars were thick, loaded up and got some slimies. Found the wind had strengthened a fair bit from the north east so wasnt what i was hoping for. Flicked some light weighted fillets around and managed s few pannies before it got dark. Anchored up and berleyed but got nothing more.
  12. Peter Nelson


    Great spot mate, plenty of options, good beaches, headland, river/estuary and outside
  13. Peter Nelson


    Yeah I know, I blamed my brothers hooks I used or was it early catch and release, ha ha
  14. Peter Nelson

    Two morning sessions chasing squid

    Nice squid mate, you don't need too many for a feed when there that size
  15. Peter Nelson

    Nambucca Heads V Wall

    Yeah I'd say a big ray. I've hooked big ones off breakwall before and you cant stop them. They will suck back down onto the bottom as well and will feel like its snagged up. I recently saw someone hook what I assume was one in Swansea channel. The fight started about 200m from the bridge and it dragged the small tinny into the bridge, I don't know how the didn't sink as the boat was bashing off the pilons with a big tide running, they backed out with the water lapping about inch under the top of the boat, they were lucky and only lost the ray as it rubbed on the bridge otherwise it would have towed them for miles