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  1. Hopefully we have another catchup raiders meet and get amongst a few👍I'm still persevering with the plastics, havnt gone too good yet but it'll happen, hopefully
  2. Definitely at top place mate, I don't live there but takes me about 50min drive, well worth it. I wouldn't have got that fish without the help of others like @Scratchie and @Woodsy1 I'm bottom bouncer from way back and I'm glad they have shown me some new techniques .
  3. I think it's close, my best one was 11kg when I was living in south Aus, which I didn't measure the length. I only had a crappy little scale that maxed out at 6kg to measure this one, it was over that. I measured the head and frame once I gutted,gilled and filled and it came in about 5kg. Definitely my biggest in NSW
  4. Decided to head to broughton this morning for a quick session before the southerly blew up. Went to get get some livies hoping for slimies but struggled, not sure what's going on but didn't get any, I normally have no trouble, ended out with some yakkas and 3 small bonnies all caught at the same time on the bait jig, they tested me. Also i caught my biggest bream but threw him back as it's a only bait gathering allowed where I went. Went to broughton and picked my first drift, threw out a slab of Bonnie while i put a plastic on the other rod, before I got it out of the packet the slab bait got hammered, peeled a heap of line off before it busted me off, the leader was chaffed up bad the whole length, probably a king im thinking. Got 1 snapper 35cm then changed spots. Threw out a livey and started casting plastics, was just about to do another drift when bang the livey was off. After my earlier bust off I was crossing my fingers it wouldnt happen again, after some big runs I was thinking kingy, then shark and then a 90cm snapper came up, quick net job and couldn't send @Scratchie a photo quick enough. A few more drifts and lost 2 livies , both missed the hook, one was pretty decent looking as I came up and monstered the livey on the surface and had a massive big swirl when it hit,.oh well. Feeling pretty content tried for a few squid before the wind came up, got 5 green eyes. The selfie photo is a bit blury unfortunately Good day out
  5. Nice one fellas👍 What are the crowds like? I'm thinking of an earl session next week to try to avoid the chaos, maybe even an overnighter
  6. Hope you get a good one mate@Berleyguts I'd hate to see Jeff swimming past me😝😝
  7. How'd the go pro footage come out Jeff?
  8. Some nice fish there Jeff. Good to see you and @back cruncher out there. What a nice boat Mick, if you ever need a decky you know who to call, ha ha. We didn't go as good as you boys but managed a few in th 50s and 40s. It was a pleasure taking Jeremy out, top bloke and bloody good angler as well.
  9. Had a couple of hours free after the kids went off to school and decided to try and target some green eye squid. Went out inside of moon island but found the water very average looking and didn't even get a sniff, so went to plan b,a bit of a cast into some washes with some lures. Came around the corner of moon island and found a heap of birds sitting over a dark patch, you beauty some fish. Only could manage salmon but it was a bit of fun. Gave up in the end as a couple of dolphins pushed them in too close to the rocks to cast. Last time I found a school like that In that area i pulled some nice snapper from under the school, maybe next time.
  10. Apparently a few kings down around fingal if you head that way
  11. Nice one mate, hope you left a few for me ha ha. Might see you up there soon now the holidays are over
  12. Just looking at alternatives since I can by the penrite around the corner. As long as it's got the same additives, properties and is cheaper why not I guess
  13. Thanks mate, hopefully I can squirt it in just with the bottle and I don't have to buy a pump
  14. I've been looking at Penrite marine gear oil, wasn't sure if compatible or not
  15. Hi All Just wondering if anyone uses an alternative oil other then yamalube in the gearcase. Got a 70h 2 stroke I think around 2006 model. Not sure what viscosity it should be. Cheers