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  1. Can’t complain with that mate. what did the damage, plastics?
  2. Getting them between 10-20m. It can be a big snaggy at 10m so need to really watch your retrieve and jig head weight
  3. Had the day off and after speaking with @Scratchiewe decided to hit Broughton hoping to find a Snapper or 2 and maybe a longtail. Woke up early only to find a big storm just off the coast so was crossing my fingers it would disappear and as It was it did, I think the thunder woke Scratchie up bright and early. Hit cabbage tree up for bait but it was dead and only managed about 5, so pushed on to Broughton for first light. As always the wind forecast was wrong, predicted S/E, was actually blowing N/W and water fairly brown so I wasn’t overly confident but we were still keen to ma
  4. Good to hear your back out there mate.Hope to see you out there soon
  5. Thanks mate. ive frozen it all up for bait now but if I get one I keep next time I might try some👍
  6. Yeah mate every time I tried to re rig or organise boat a bit another rod would scream off, had some breakfast packed and didn’t even get to eat it until the trip back. maybe I should set up a go pro or something
  7. Hi all havnt put a report in for a while due to average catches but thought I’d do a quick one and might get some answers to a question. Hit Broughton nice and early after quickly loading up on some livies trying to get there by first light, got there on time even though there was a fair bit of slop left over from the overnight n/e winds. I normally don’t fish weekends but was motivated by Scratchie’s report of mackerel in the area. happy to be the only boat in the area the first livey was set only to be smashed 30 seconds later, Big Mac tuna came in. Every drift , e
  8. Nice one mate. Hope the weather plays the game for Friday.
  9. Nice snapper mate and thanks for the hand getting the boat on the trailer. I hate that ramp, ha ha
  10. Nice one mate. Did you launch at Shoal bay, what’s the ramp like?
  11. Hi Baz If you want any go to the tank reef, heaps there last time I went, sore arms but as it's fairly deep and they come up with their bucket mouths open
  12. I don't think nannygai have a size limit in NSW, but don't quote me on that. Any fish not on the dpi list have a bag of 20 unless there classed as bait fish
  13. Thanks mate I think it was more luck than skill, if i got there 1hr later I would have got nothing. They were really on the bite than shut down as quick as it came on
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