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  1. We used to get alot of crabs up at Whyalla, using a rake, working the edges of weed, looking for dark round sand where the buried in. Lost of fun and give you a good scare when you stand on one.
  2. My dad and brother fished up off grassy and nambucca saturday, One hook up, big Spanish lost at the boat, didnt see anything else
  3. A mates been catching a few Sampson and amberjack as well in the lake on live squid,
  4. Good luck mate, let me know how you go, I'll hopefully be up there in 2 weeks
  5. I don't think they have been catching many mackerel at SWR at the moment due to the water., so your probably better off defering your trip or maybe try somewhere else. You never know unless u give it a go I guess. I'm going to head up in a few weeks and give it a go, hopefully it improves soon. I've been over that bar dozens of times and I still get a bit worried if the swells up, definitely gets the heart pumping.
  6. Hi mate Like Rick said be carefull on run out tides. You get pressure waves popping up out of no where and a hard to read. I've launched back creeks a few times and has it's challenges depending if it's been dredged, tide times etc., you may have to punch through some waves. If you do go up and have a chance, walk out to the end of the wall atbthe river(bar) and watch how the tide and waves react and where the boats go out, mostly you go out on the south wall, better then trying to figure it out in the morning.
  7. I know they were getting a lot of small blacks out front of the gaol before the rain coloured the water up. Checkout some videos from didios country to coast, shows them getting some. I don't have marks but I think the tackle shop at south west rocks will help.
  8. Yeah mate depending on conditions and your experience. I've got a quintrex bay ranger 4.75m and fish there regularly. I go early to beat the arvo winds as it can be a wet trip home if it gets choppy. There's a few closer options around the islands or out front of fingal if you dont want to venture that far.
  9. Nice one Jeff and Mick. Some nice fish there. Hopefully the inshore marlin fire up soon👍
  10. Nice one Baz. Good to hear to you got out and nailed a good one👍
  11. Yeah I use 20lb. If you go too high you risk getting less bites.
  12. Some nice fish there mate and top quality photos.
  13. They will be mate, get bait fairly easy but I'm just having a bad run, plenty of yakkas but I prefer slimeys, sometimes I'm impatient and don't look around enough
  14. Your not wrong mate, got my heart pumping and tested my multi tasking driving/fishing when I had to chase it for a while
  15. Hopefully we have another catchup raiders meet and get amongst a few👍I'm still persevering with the plastics, havnt gone too good yet but it'll happen, hopefully