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  1. Thanks mate I think it was more luck than skill, if i got there 1hr later I would have got nothing. They were really on the bite than shut down as quick as it came on
  2. Ha ha Baz Maybe I moved location for the photo
  3. I thought you'd recognise my secret location, ha ha
  4. Havnt posted for a while due to corona virus and moving house at the moment. But I decided to get my priorities right and have a warm up before the Port Stephens catch up. Took my nephew out and tried a few areas with a keeper and a 45cm model. Moved on to another spot and started feeding out a livey only for it to get smashed before the rod went in the holder, after a bit of a fight up comes a just legal king, landed a couple more the next drift. Set up our next drift and it was on, nephew gets a nice 63cm snaps, livey goes off and I get absolutely smoked, then my rod with the plastic on goes off, lucky to get this one as it swallowed it down and could feel the leader skipping across it's teeth, another 63cm shortly after a 54cm landed. Got dusted a couple more times and got a few big bonnies before the wind dropped completely off and the fish with it
  5. Nice one fellas, better then working I guess, or moving house like me👍
  6. Nice one mate. Can't wait for the meet and great👍
  7. Nice one mate and congratulations on becoming a pop. Hope to see you up there soon, my reels are seizing up.
  8. There's a couple of marks on the navionics app. Not sure if it's one of the ones your chasing
  9. Unlucky mate but at least yourve been getting out there. Hopefully I'll get out Friday. Was there much bait at cabbage tree?
  10. Nice one mate, making me keen. Cant wait for the ramps up there to open for us non locals. What did you get the kings on?
  11. Some nice veggies mate. Do you just dig the heads/guts in or make a liquid fertilizer out of them?
  12. We used to get alot of crabs up at Whyalla, using a rake, working the edges of weed, looking for dark round sand where the buried in. Lost of fun and give you a good scare when you stand on one.