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  1. Peter Nelson

    Newbie Fishing South West Rocks

    Hi mate I normally go out in the boat up there but have caught some good fish in the river up a bit from the tavern towards the entrance, some spots you can park right next to the water. Also as you go over the Jerseyville bridge turn right up a dirt road, a few kms up there's some easy to fish spots. I have just used small sinker running straight down to the hook, fish as light as you can around tide changes. I've had most luck on live nippers if you can get them. Got a few Flathead using soft plastics walking low tide just up from the boat ramp at the river. Hope this helps
  2. Peter Nelson

    Trailer repair

    Thanks mate, there were some frustrating moments but very happy in the end. Glad I acted before having a trailer failure, very easy to put off these jobs.
  3. Peter Nelson

    Trailer repair

    Cheers mate, yeah I stuffed that one up. First time I've used flux core wire and cheap welder posed a few challenges and curse words
  4. Peter Nelson

    Trailer repair

    Hi All I decided to take on the trailer repair that I've been putting off for some time. The 2 cross members were rusting through on the bends on the RHS. I started seeing day light through them in one spot so i thought I better get on to it. After grinding the welds off and smashing them off with a hammer the rusted holes opened right up and a fair amount of rusted steel came out indicating how bad of shape they were in. Good thing I decided to take it on before they snapped. Initially I was put off by the thought of removing the boat from the trailer onto the grass, but it turned out to be fairly easy for just me and the wife. In the end I put the boat on and back off again by myself as the bunks were not in the correct position due to the cross members being slightly different and the bolt on brackets no suiting the bend in the RHS. In the end i cut off the u shaped bit from the bracket and welding it directly to the cross member. I had some trouble with the el cheapo mig I borrowed doing my vertical welds due to it only having 2 settings and wire feed all over the place but by my last weld I had it sorted ( a good tradesman never blames his tools, Ha Ha). All in all very happy with the end result and gave it 1 under coat, 2 top coats, tectyle on the welds and fish oiled over the top so hop that keeps the rust away.
  5. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens- Snapping good fun!

    Nice one mate? cant wait to get back and have a flick, just need to fit some trailer repairs in as well, got a couple of weeks off before I start the new job
  6. Peter Nelson


    not wrong Rick those Pearlies went alright on the bbq. Crumbled up the pig fish fillets for the kids and pretty good too.
  7. Peter Nelson


    I think you would love it mate, plenty of good reef in close for soft plastics, same areas have mackerel in summer. Fish rock to the south has heaps of kings and in the river you catch anything, even saw a guy catch a massive cobia years ago. Gave the plastics a go on the way back in, showing plenty of bait but no wind or drift so was pretty well staying still. Dad said the week before they were getting some big snapper there.
  8. Peter Nelson


    Went up for the yearly visit to see the family. Great day out on the water but probably too good with no drift. Went over the bar just on day break and glad to see it was flat as a tack even on the run out tide. Fishing was good for about an hour, caught a few to keep, three heaps back and got smoked by something decent. After about an hour everything went dead, couldn’t hardly get a bite. Heaps of whales about with some of the best breaches and displays I’ve ever seen, topped the day off.
  9. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens - Slow Day

    I know what you mean by loosing touch, went out the other day and forgot to tilt up the jockey wheel. I was wondering what the vibration was, got about 500 m up the road and stopped, found it smoking, still sort of works, ha ha
  10. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens - Slow Day

    Good to hear your getting the boat wet again Baz ?
  11. Peter Nelson

    Mooney Mooney boat ramp

    Thanks mate, I really appreciate the offer, we are planning something else now down south. It's really good to see many people willing to help?
  12. Peter Nelson

    Mooney Mooney boat ramp

    Thanks mate, I tried them but no good. Cheers Thanks mate, I don't think ill do it now , the missus wants to go further down south coast. I'd be kicking myself if something happened to the trailer and I was aware their night be a risk
  13. Peter Nelson


    The freezer must be looking well stocked?
  14. Peter Nelson

    Mooney Mooney boat ramp

    Thanks mate I'll check it out, cheers
  15. Peter Nelson

    Mooney Mooney boat ramp

    Hi Frank That's a very generous offer, not many people are willing to help strangers out these days. We are still contemplating what to do , I'll be sure to consider your offer if we book in. Thanks Frank