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  1. near a spot named sang grato near the jetty and structur to the left and right there are always squid otherwise near the spit on the flats there are alot of weedbeds near the drop offs which have squid,bream,flathead and tailro which i have been getting on smaller soft plastics
  2. mate middle harbour has been good lately good bream, flathead alot of tailor. still some kings around but they are harder to find. squid is also going off over some of the shallower weed beds.
  3. jmadden


    can anyone help me with fishing weedbeds. what sort of lure or sp should I be using and what style of retrieve should I use.
  4. jmadden

    new rod?

  5. jmadden

    new rod?

    any one have any reconmendations for a new rod and reel that i can use when using sp for bream and flathead.
  6. any one have any tips for winter estuary fishing around sydney. what should i be using as in tackle and what fish should i be fishing for? i mainly use soft plastics and hardbodys but am not sure on colour,type and size. cheers
  7. jmadden

    Middle harbour

    yeah, that would work, maybe even using small hard bodies could work. just trying out near the boats with the pilchards or at the little drop off thing that's like a semi-circle. or near the marina around the structure in the morning could be good
  8. jmadden

    Middle harbour

    mate, I've seen plenty of kingfish at Clontarf but chucking a heavy sinker out with bait at the spit is good for kings.
  9. how far are you willing to travel and where are you located.
  10. mate, should I be using sp or bait for these areas?
  11. there we go just target to the left and right of the little jetty and there will be squid maybe yakkas and a lot of bream and flathead.
  12. mate, i know you want west of the bridge but there are some good spots around Balmoral and with squid jigs, you can go to Sagrado and fish the weed banks and structure around there for squid which is west of the spit
  13. alright thanks for that mate i guess i need to go and get a life jacket
  14. really I've been out on the surf ski with my dad without jackets and never get pulled up.