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  1. Litchfield

    Beginner kayak

    Okay great . are these kayaks possible to put a sounder on ?
  2. Litchfield

    Beginner kayak

    how is the storage on them
  3. Litchfield

    Soft plastics

    I have caught the most flathead on pumpkin seed 3 inch minnow . if the tailor are biting your tail off then change over to zman grubs . they can't bite them as easily . also depending on the current and depth I always start with 1/8 jig head and size 2 hook. And work my way up and down . you want the plastic to move realistically through the water but want it to hit the bottom .
  4. Litchfield

    Beginner kayak

    In estuaries around south coast. And also freshwater fishing in Canberra and surrounds
  5. Litchfield

    Beginner kayak

    I'm getting into kayak fishing and would love some advice . I'm looking at the Scorpio kayak which is 350 down from 750. What's everyone's thoughts
  6. Litchfield

    Good weekend

    Yeah lol sure did . thanks
  7. Litchfield

    Cotter campground act

    What's the easiest way to get to these streams
  8. Litchfield

    Good weekend

    Hello guys I'm new to fish raider. How good are long weekends . I'm from Canberra and the girlfriends family live in tomakin so thought it would be great to take my rods down the coast and see what I could do . Started on Saturday morning , went to my normal spot at tuross just flicking soft plastics . didn't get anything other than 100 bit in half soft plastics . at about 9:30 am I went over to the boat shed and bought a packet of atomic plastics . and first cast got a 40cm flathead . its always good knowing you aren't completely hopeless. After another 10 minutes I got nothing . I headed over to the boat ramp and had a little walk along the rocks . I tried out my new glasses. I've never gone much on polarised glasses but they work a treat . I saw heaps of huge bream but they didn't want anything to do with me . The next day I headed out to tomakin river and flicked about for 4 hours on the rising tide and managed 1 small flatty and an octopus . both released safely . all in all it was still a great weekend . Till next time