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  1. My mate and I decided to head out last Sunday 12th July. We headed out from Swansea and got to Norah Canyons at about 12.00. The water was not the best colour and a temperature of about 17.8 to 17.9 degrees. We put out a spread of 5 lures and continued SE to the 1,000m mark and then to where the temperature started to approach the magical 18.3 degrees temperature and then increasing. After about 15 minutes I thought I saw a good splash off to port, After about 30 minutes we suddenly saw a school of YFTs busting up and smashing bait fish no more than 50 to 100 m to starboard. As we passed th
  2. The weather looked OK for a trip to Browns Mountain last weekend so my mate and I headed out to bottom bash with out deep drop rigs. After no outside fishing as a result of surgery for colon cancer last year and still on chemotherapy I was keen to see if I could cope with the ride out in an under 6 m centre console. The ride wasn't too flash but my mate (he's 35 and I'm 76) set up a camp seat at the stern so I didn't have to stand all the way out. The 1.5 m swell on the way out wasn't too bad until the camp seat disintegrated with. We got there in just over an hour and a half and used ou
  3. Great to see the hairies are in at last. My mate and I went out few times last season and NOTHING although in past years we've normally done well. Went out again about a week ago and neither we nor anyone else had much success. Decided to go deep so went to Browns and pulled up three good sized blue eyed cod up to 15.6 kgs plus gemmies but hairies are so much better to eat. You've inspired us to have another session as soon as the wind eases a bit. Thanks for the report and encouragement. I need it at the moment as I'm having chemo and it knocks me about a bit at times. My mate with who
  4. Thanks blokes (I have a problem with guys) you've given me a lot to think about and work on. Will definitely head out early on Monday and see what I can turn up. The plan is to use bought bait first off to get the early morning light and then see if I can find some squid later for future use plus as a destination reference point and confidence booster in what for me is a new area. I've mostly done best with kingies more towards summer and especially when the salmon start to turn up. will stick with chasing snapper on Monday unless others feel this is a waste of time
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