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  1. hey there fish raiders, I was just wondering if anyone knew some affordable kingfish combos. I will be fishing off the rocks with a price rang of $100-$200. if you have any information I would love to here it. cheers flattiefisher out.
  2. I went fishing at the spit bride with some live bait but only got a 60cm flattie
  3. Thanks for the replies I decided to build in a pot of water with some salt
  4. Alright this is completely based on location. Here are my favourite for each place. Places like Sydney harbour are good when you use pilchards, my pb bream at 45cm was on a full pilchard. At boat ramps prawns are great, throw some out and then chuck yours in there. When you are on the flats yabbies are great, keep the nipper on there to try and scare off little pickers. When fishing rockwalls yabbies are my go to bait. When you fish from your boat in deeper water I find chicken to be the best. If you can't get fresh bait just use prawns. One thing that I found interesting was I was fishing some shallow water with bread for mullet when a 35cm bream came up and ate by bread. Don't worry if you don't have fresh bait everything works ok.
  5. Alrighty fishraiders yesterday I went crabbing and I got a huge blue swimmer crab. I've cleaned it out and split it in half like your meant to. I just want to know if anyone has some tasty recipes. By the way I don't want anything spicy. Flattiefisher out.
  6. the question is simple, can you use a spin reel on a baitcaster rod?
  7. You do not need a jig head for soft plastics. Although I fish with jig heads there are different ways. Also you don't need to rig the plastic weed less. Putting some gulp on a paternoster rig and casting it out at the beach is great.
  8. Hi there fellow raiders, In a few weeks I am going to go fishing for some mulloway but I don't know any spots near me. Any spots around north of the harbour bridge would be good. Also can someone please tell me what rig to use? I am going to have some live mullet for bait, but I need some help on how to rig it. Thanks everyone.
  9. Hi everyone I am going flathead fishing tomorrow on the flats. I decided to put on 6lb line hoping for a good fight. But I am just wondering if it might be to low. The average flathead where I am going is 35cm. I would love some help. Thanks flattefisher.