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  1. thats just what i wanted to hear...... legand mate!!!
  2. hey raiders i was thinking of taking the day off work on Thursday to give the woronora river a flick in the yak. launching at bonnet bay. i haven't fished this system before and was wonder weather i should give it a miss for a week or so after all this rain. im keen as to get out there but i dont want to completely waste my time. also any tips would be greatly appreciated as i am new to the river system thanks in advance 😁
  3. Caple666

    Newcastle Beaches

    great catch mate........ i love a feed of whiting but i can never get enough in one sitting for a proper feed lol
  4. Caple666

    Hawkesbury River Blue Swimmers

    thats awesome mate!! i love to hear a story were kids are still being kids!!!!!
  5. Caple666

    Georges River

    what a horse mate well done
  6. Caple666

    The past month or so

    awesome vid mate..... some nice fish there too well done
  7. Caple666


    There some beautiful snapper mate well done!!
  8. Caple666

    technically not a doughnut ...

    you know what they say " when the going gets tough, the tough get going" lol thats a huge squid on the right still not bad for unknown waters. well done fellas!!
  9. Caple666

    Port Stephens (got my revenge)

    solid snapper mate well done!!!
  10. Caple666

    Best snapper

  11. Caple666

    Fishing Botany bay (12 june 2017) with Video

    Thats an awesome little vid champ!!
  12. Caple666

    A short trip

    Not a bad few hours tho ? nice catch!!