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  1. Thanks for the info gents, much appreciated.
  2. Hi All Im looking at getting myself a tinnie to run around Sydney harbour. Cant park it in my apartment building as parking is underground. Driving through Sydney I’ve noticed boats parked in the street. Will I be able to park my boat in the street, or even in another area from where I live In Sydney? Wondering how guys go about doing this as I’m very keen to get a boat. Cheers Nick
  3. Thanks Lads, will be fishing land based
  4. Good Day gents. Im looking at targeting Kingies in Sydney harbour on live bait and squid (Land based). Keen to understand which rigs have worked best for you I have fished live bait and squid under a float on the surface, but not to sure which is the most effectiver rig to use to fish deeper? Thanks Nick
  5. Hi there guys, I am looking to join someone with a boat on fishing trips in Sydney, I have been fishing for many years and have all the gear, just looking for someone who is keen to have someone join them out on the water and get into some good fish. I am in between jobs at the moment so have alot of time on my hands during the week and weekends :-), The fishing seems to be kicking off nicely in the harbour, so hoping there are a few guys that may need an extra hand or someone to join. Cheers, Nick