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  1. Hi Tarik I have a boat and am looking for like minded ppl to go fishing with me. I go mostly on weekdays My contact is 0418 293 790
  2. I have 2 electric reels all geared up for Browns mountain but no one to go Fishing with, i have a boat. I am available on weekdays. I used to go with my mates but now they too busy playing comp golf.
  3. Hello Rebel I am in the same boat as you, i have a boat as well and looking for like minded people to go fishing with. I am available during the week days as well. I prefer someone with boating experience. Anyone interested please contact me on 0418 293 790
  4. Hi Adrian I would love to catch up with you and go fishing. In fact i just got back from fishing botany bay, Didnt have a good catch. My number is 0418293790 please call me when you free Cheers Atul
  5. I will be interested to join you when you are available next time
  6. I have a 26 foot Savage Lancer boat. I have just finished refabishing and put a new outboard motor, The boat is ready now for fishing. I am looking for people who would like to go out fishing with me. I am semi retired so am available to go out anyday (prefer week days) I am looking for someone who has boating experience and know some fishing spots Boat is currently moored at Oatley Bay but happy to take it up to Wollongong and further. Anyone interested please call me on 0418 293 790
  7. Sorry for the late reply, i was overseas. Weather has not been in favour of fishinhg lately. I will sms your later this week to catch up and perhaps have a coffee
  8. Looking for a fishing mate, I have a 19 foot boat and looking for some one who knows some spots around Sydney and wgong . Prefer some one with boat licence or knows how to drive a boat. I am semi retired so available to go anytime of the week. I currently have a mate but he is only available on Sundays