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    Blue ring

    I was once doing some wade fishing in Lake Illawarra and felt something brush up against my leg. I thought it was just some seaweed and didn't think much of it, until I felt it moving a bit. I looked down and saw a blue ringed octopus climbing up my leg. I absolutely panicked, yanked it off my leg and threw it as far as my scrawny little arms could throw. It was probably the most scared I've ever been. It was actually the second time I've seen one in the wild. The first we saw one that had built itself a cave out of little rocks and pebbles in a rock pool. Me and my brother founds some crabs and fed it to the octopus, was very cool to see how it ate them. Coolest thing was that when he wasn't hungry anymore and got sick of us he got a rock and used it as a door to seal his cave.
  2. Aardvarking

    Tailor migration

    I would say that winter is the best time to catch tailor in the estuaries. In fact, I caught my first tailor over 40cm as a bream by-catch a couple weeks ago at Blackwattle bay. Usually I only get choppers there, but in winter I catch some bigger ones too. I'm not sure exactly why that is, but it's just my experience of it
  3. I have already made a thread or two about my Stradic 1000fj which I gave a service before discovering it felt worse afterwards, but after putting in new bearings they haven't helped at all. I am still getting the grindy feeling I was getting before, and it hasn't gotten any better. I have figured out it appears to be rubbing up on the section of the drive shaft which connects it to the worm shaft, but it only does that sometimes and when it doesn't it still grinds. Where it gets weird is that I decided to pull apart my Stradic 2500fj to compare insides and see if I was doing something wrong. Turns out I wasn't so I put it back together and suddenly the 2500fj was grinding too. I have no idea what would have caused that, considering I opened it up without touching or moving anything, then closed it again. Does anyone know what could be causing this?
  4. Aardvarking

    Jeremy Wade is back!

    Good new for all us Jeremy Wade fans who have been mourning the end of River Monsters, he is back with a new series! It is called Mighty Rivers, and I imagine it will be pretty similar to River Monsters, but with more of a focus on conservation that solving mysteries. I'm very excited, I think the first episode comes out soon. Jeremy Wade is probably my favourite person on the planet, so he could make a TV series which is him watching paint dry and I'll still watch it, so it's just a bonus that it's about fishing.
  5. Well, I called Shimano and asked about the parts, it's gonna cost me just short of 100 bucks to fix both reels. Thing is, I bought them both used for 160 dollars total, meaning it doesn't make sense to spend so much on a repair. I decided to get some super fine grit sandpaper and lightly sand down any especially bad dings, and it seemed to actually help quite a bit. The reels are still a bit grindy, but are actually pretty useable, so I reckon I might leave them as is and save up for a new reel and relegate my Stradics to squid or bait duty. Also might try using some nail polish to even out any dings I can find when I get the time, which will be an interesting experiment.
  6. Well I figured out what happened and boy do I feel like an idiot. The first time I opened up the reel I took off the anti-reverse before taking off the handle. I thought if I just held the pinion in place while twisting the handle it would act like the anti reverse so I didn't have to screw all the anti-reverse screws back in place. What it actually was grind the drive gear teeth against the pinion gear, slightly denting both. The reason I didn't realise this is because the dents are so tiny I could barely see them, but were enough to completely ruin both the pinion gear and drive gear. What I'm really kicking myself about is I did exactly the same thing when opening the 2500, not realising that was the cause of the problem to begin with. So now I have ruined both of my reels, 2 weeks before a week long fishing trip. And to top it all off I bought a brand new set of bearings which are now useless. Do'h!
  7. Aardvarking

    Back up bait

    I reckon salted pilchards can last a last time in the freezer, I would say they are the longest lasting in my experience. If you freeze them in a block, leave them in an insulated bag and take them out one at a time they can last a fishing session and then be tossed back in the freezer. Prawns can last a little while, but as soon as you freeze them they loose a bit of their effectiveness, so I wouldn't recommend them. My uncle swears by the 10kg block he has of Tweed bait "fisho", which is they word for chicken gut for some reason, which he has kept in the freezer for about 2 years steadily chipping away at it. I'm not as convinced as he is, but he seems to like it. I guess you would take the same approach as the pilchards by freezing them, and then not letting them thaw completely.
  8. I've just had another good look, and finally realised what has gone wrong. For god knows what reason the drive gear has rubbed up against the drive shaft, which has stripped tiny pieces of paint of a few of the teeth. I did some extensive testing, and that seems to be what is causing the problem. What I am super mad about is that the 2500fj was working great before I pulled it apart, and now I've broken it too along with my 1000, so now both my reels are out of commission. I'm assuming there's no fixing it, but is it possible to repair the teeth? The damage is extremely minor, seems to be limited to a touch of paint coming off 2 or 3 teeth.
  9. Aardvarking

    middle harbour

    I'm not too sure about that one. I've been catching some big tailor in blackwattle bay over the last couple of wet rainy days, and we all know it's not the cleanest waterway in Australia. From what I've seen the water has been pretty filthy in Sydney Harbour, not sure about middle harbour but it's certainly not a good sign.
  10. Aardvarking

    Interesting debate on life jacket laws

    If I want to fish without a life jacket and risk my own life then why shouldn't I be allowed to? I feel perfectly comfortable kayaking around Sydney estuaries without a life jacket and am confident in my abilities to swim to shore if I was ever capsized, yet I am legally obligated to wear one. When I'm rock fishing it really depends on the circumstances of whether I would put on a life jacket or not. Obviously if I'm standing on a precarious rock with wind blowing and waves crashing around me of course I would wear one, but I wouldn't fish in those conditions anyway. Most of the time I'm rock fishing I feel 100% safe that I won't be swept in, and even if I am I am confident I can make my way back to shore. It just ruins the experience, especially on a hot day, and even makes me feel less stable.
  11. Aardvarking

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    Geez, now I feel bad for complaining about a hook through the finger and flathead spines to the hand! I have always been pretty nonchalant with stingrays, but maybe I should be more careful...
  12. Aardvarking

    Fish ID. [ Crimson Banded Wrasse and Blackspot Goatfish]

    Top one is definitely a crimson banded wrasse, not sure about the other 2. Middle one is some sort of goatfish, but I don't know exactly which one.
  13. Sorry for making heaps of new threads recently, but I've just had some trouble servicing my reel for the first time. Despite having gained a decent grasp on what I'm doing from extensive research, it still hasn't gone right. After hours of cleaning, servicing, oiling, greasing and trying to decipher reel schematics I had my stradic back together, before realising that it was even worse than when I started with. At first I was really confused why, but I've figured out that it's the bearings at fault. I didn't think they were too much of an issue because they felt smooth enough when spinning them with my finger. But then I realised that most good bearings can spin for about 10-20 seconds at least when spun on a pencil, and the longest any of my 4 internal bearings would spin by itself was 0.2 seconds, with the others not being able to continue spinning once I had stopped spinning them manually. I was thinking that if I'm going to replace them why not upgrade them. I was looking at Boca Bearings, but gee are they expensive. I bought the reel for 60 bucks used, so it seems a bit counterintuitive to me to spend double what I payed for on upgrading the reel. I'm also itching to get my reel back in commission and don't want to wait ages for shipping from America, so it would be nice to find an Australian seller. Can anyone recommend a good place to get some new bearings, and is it worth shelling out extra for ceramic bearings?
  14. Aardvarking

    plenty of fish, not much size

    Very true. I caught my first and only hartail in the middle of summer in the middle of the day in a spot known for kingfish not hairtails. A year earlier we went on a week long trip to catch hairtail, and ended up with a kingfish by-catch in the middle of the night in the middle of winter, in a spot known for hairtail.
  15. Aardvarking

    Warranty n Reel Care

    For number 2, acetone is a good way to get rid of old grease, because it is very strong and doesn't leave a residue. Keep in mind it is a pretty dangerous chemical, wear gloves and avoid breathing in the fumes. It will also destroy anything painted surface or plastic, so only use it to clean purely metal parts. If you have one, an ultrasonic cleaner is a great way to clean bearings and parts very easily and quickly. Fill a little glass jar with the acetone and put it in the cleaner, but don't put the acetone straight in because it will destroy the plastic. If you don't have one I would recommend buying a cheap one off ebay for 10 bucks or so, because without one it is really hard to get all the grease out of bearings, and it takes ages.
  16. Aardvarking

    Bearings replacement for Stradic 1000FJ

    Funnily enough the line roller is the only bearing on the reel that is working properly. I'll just order one of each of the bearings, and leave the current line roller bearing as a spare. What do you mean by a spool bushing? I know what a bushing is, but I'm not sure which exact part I'd replace
  17. Aardvarking

    plenty of fish, not much size

    It's funny, this time of year you tend to catch bigger fish, but lethargic fighters and less of them. You were catching heaps of small good fighters, the exact opposite of what you'd expect. Guess that's fishing
  18. Aardvarking

    Bearings replacement for Stradic 1000FJ

    I'm going to order a set of new bearings from that certain P ebay seller. Seems like their products are pretty good quality. I've also seen some people talking about replacing the nylon worm gear bushing with bearings. Has anyone tried doing that, is it worth it?
  19. Aardvarking

    ID Fish. (Weedfish and Eastern Kelpfish)

    Bottom one is 100% an eastern kelpfish. Not sure about the top one
  20. Aardvarking

    Sydney Kings

    Love the colours on that fish, really nice looking king. Great catch
  21. Aardvarking

    Disposing of acetone

    I have just cleaned my bearings using acetone for the first time, and am amazed how much crud came of them in a very short amount of time. However, my issue now is that I have no idea what to do with it. I have about 150mL of acetone in a glass jar, how do I get rid of it?
  22. Aardvarking

    Disposing of acetone

    I use grease on my larger reel bearings, but like you I prefer oil on the smaller ones. And this is a stradic 1000 spooled with 2lb fireline, so it doesn't get much lighter than that.
  23. Aardvarking

    Disposing of acetone

  24. Aardvarking

    Disposing of acetone

    I was using pure acetone form bunnings, so it wouldn't be that. I took off the seals of my bearings, but they had metal seals anyway. I was doing it to wash out the old grease in my bearings so I could replace it with oil.
  25. Aardvarking

    Disposing of acetone

    Thanks for the suggestions. I took the evaporating approach, and left it in a shallow glass dish overnight, it's all gone now. One thing which I can't really explain is that after a 12 hour sit in the acetone everything has a thin white gunky film over it, have no idea where it came from. Any ideas what that could be? Other than that it cleaned everything well