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  1. Hey Raiders, Just got a Beastmaster (electric reel) arrive a few days ago and now looking to find a rod for it, not sure which one? I am looking at the Shimano Tag-em deep drop PE8 one atm (recommended) I was also given the option of Revolution and Status. Any of them better than the other? Thanks so much
  2. G'Day raiders, Just a short report here. Currently up in Gold Coast for a holiday, and a little flick Yesterday, we went out to the boat ramp next to the Sundale Bridge on the nerang river for a fish landbased. Had a few small bites but only caught 1 small bream . The bait I was using was fresh school prawns. I am wondering if anyone knows how to fish the Gold Coast around the Nerang River, canals, Broadwater and around that area. Any recommendations on spot and bait to use would be wonderful. Regards, Martin
  3. what a BIGGGGGG Flatty! OMG!!!! Good on you! Martin
  4. Wow! What a great feed of crabs! Would you mind telling us which part of lake Illawarra? Martin.
  5. We do quite the same by bleeding them and putting them on ice. Sounds like a great dish!
  6. We had 41cm for biggest trevally. Bait was fresh school prawns and pilchards. The fresher the bait the better Martin..
  7. What a great feed there mate. Awesome report. Cheers, Martin
  8. ooo, grilled barbie with olive oil and lemon.. never tried that before. Will cook up a dish.. Thanks R&B Martin
  9. Oh dear, 29.9999cm LOL, that is pretty close though.. Certainly they have came.. Martin
  10. Thanks Scratchie! Was certainly a day saver and yes we did have a yummy sashimi. What a fun day! Wasn’t sure if it was the storm that led them there or the fish were always there! Never fished that spot before hehe. Usually I fish the end of the oil wharf at around 10m of water. Cheers, Martin!
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