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  1. SickWolf

    Carp fishing

    any good carp spots near sydney? i would rather not travel to penrith but i heard manly dam is alright.
  2. SickWolf


    Hey all, under clifton gardens wharf i can see tons of big blackfish feeding but they wont take my bread bait and i cant find any weed around the area. any tips?
  3. SickWolf

    Winter fishing tactics

    Hey guys hope you are all having a great weekend fishing just wondering what fish i can get in winter. Heard there are big bream and trevally about but are techniques used to catch them different? i know in winter flathead get less active but are there are special winter things to do?
  4. SickWolf

    Mullet+New moon=JEWS

    Its the mullet run now/soon and since its new moon tomorrow, i got a feeling the jews are gonna be active. Any idea where to target them on the beaches? Using live or dead mullet.
  5. SickWolf

    Mullet stink. Literally

    Im talking straight outta the water, still alive
  6. SickWolf

    Mullet stink. Literally

    Less important post on fishraider but i'm still curious. Why do sea/bully mullet stink so bad? May be its just me, maybe not, but when i land one from clifton gardens or something, they smell like rotten vegetation. ew. whyy
  7. SickWolf

    Bradleys head

    I heard that bradleys head is an alright spot but i couldnt figure out where to fish or what I could catch there. any chance of squid? thanks
  8. SickWolf

    Parra River Mullet

    use bread fly but if u cant using a little bit of half squashed (but still fluffy) bread on a size 10 or 12 hook works wonders in port jackson but i dunno about parramatta
  9. heading over on the new moon wondering how kingies/squid/mackerel were fishing and if anyones been recently. thanks
  10. SickWolf

    Sydney kings

    When going for sydney harbour kings LB, is it better to use a live yakka or taking the time to catch a squid? plus under a float or unweighted? i see em swimming around all the time at clifton gardens, when the tide is right. Thanks
  11. SickWolf

    Frustrating day

    i will be out in the afternoon around woolies bridge if your still around mate
  12. SickWolf

    Narra lake poddy

    im going LB
  13. SickWolf

    Narra lake poddy

    How should i rig live poddies for flathead? i got a light 2500 reel with a 7ft rod and a 5000 reel with a heavier 8ft. which would be better suited? Usually id have more choice but they went snap. ah well
  14. SickWolf

    Frustrating day

    please dont remind me... pain...
  15. SickWolf

    Frustrating day

    WARNING: the word frustrating will be used a lot in this report. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Ok, went to the entrance of narrabeen lake to find out it was blocked. Oh well. Just go to the beach. The gutter was terrible, i didnt think it was worth it. Frustration begins. Things only went down hill from here. I put out a poddy trap in the lake to find it empty and washed up. Huh. A snorkeller walks up to me and asks if it was mine. I nodded and he said not to litter as there was a ton of fish in there and its bad for marine life. I stood and looked at him numbly. I had no words. Frustrating of course. I walked away and went up to the rock platforms. There were a handful of big squid there, about 30cm hood length. Sweet, i quickly tied on a squid and they were still there phew. They ignored it completely while they were ravaging the poddy mullet. Sigh, frustration building. There were also lots of nice octopus under the rocks. I hooked 3 and lost three. I eventually gave up when the fourth took my jig and swam away. Now it started to suck. There was a good size legal crab swimming really fast, nothing i can do about that. Then a huge school of big long tom cruised by, eating nothing. By now i felt like smashing my head on a rock. Oh well thats fishing ig. Bye