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  1. With paternoster, if ur holding the rod u can strike when u get a bite, and it allows you to fish multiple baits on one rig, but with running sinker, it’s designed so that the fish takes it, doesnt feel any resistance (say, a person or a sinker) and takes off. So with paternoster, its less likely to keep a fish if you leave the rod because the fish might spit it out or be more skittish.
  2. I catch mullet off the wharf and use it as bait for bonito, plenty of them around
  3. 37cm is a great whiting and the only improvement on your rig is having a leader and swivel so your sinker doesnt go straight down to your hook.
  4. Where in parramatta and lane cove is it freshwater?
  5. fishing under harbour bridge with 40lb mono and a 6000 reel seems a little over kill to me unless your going for kingies... if you have a long enough rod then try on the northern beaches and if you have an experienced friend, ask them to take you to the rocks...
  6. off the rocks and beach daiwa crossfire surf rods work well, off boats a shorter rod is better, it all just depends on where its being applied to
  7. 8ft is a little short off the rocks, depending on where you are fishing but yeah daiwa crossfire surf is a pretty good rod, not too pricey either
  8. Yeah the bream have been pretty skittish lately, got some nice ones off the rocks a while back. in botany bay i usually target blackies over bream. try using smaller lures if its not working out for you
  9. I know chicken works well but the one time i tried beef it didnt go so well... I would personally rather use bread
  10. I havent been there recently but apparently there was construction going on? There are usually heaps of yakkas there with some salmon and tailor thrown in the mix
  11. Obviously not when swimmers are around but at beaches that are known for sharks burleying up too hard will often end up in many many sharks and less of your target, unless your target is a shark, in which case well done. Find a beach without too much human activity (ever) and you should be good to go
  12. You can still get whiting in winter just gotta work harder, as it starts to warm up you can get whiting on popper on the sand flats. Same goes for beaches just gotta persist
  13. Thanks wazatherfisherman, in the turbulent wash zones, i find my bait gets washed around alot and eventually smashed on the rocks, leading to losing my bait and or rig. Plus the designated rock combo is rigged with floating line so unweighted baiting probably isnt an option, my favourite spot at avoca rocks holds drummer but my baits keep getting swept under ledges and snagged, how do i prevent this or should i cast further away from the shore.
  14. Ive heard central coast has been holding some salmon but cannot confirm personally.
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