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  1. SickWolf

    How safe is it to burley off a main beach ?

    Obviously not when swimmers are around but at beaches that are known for sharks burleying up too hard will often end up in many many sharks and less of your target, unless your target is a shark, in which case well done. Find a beach without too much human activity (ever) and you should be good to go
  2. SickWolf

    whiting rigs?

    You can still get whiting in winter just gotta work harder, as it starts to warm up you can get whiting on popper on the sand flats. Same goes for beaches just gotta persist
  3. SickWolf

    Drummer help

    Thanks wazatherfisherman, in the turbulent wash zones, i find my bait gets washed around alot and eventually smashed on the rocks, leading to losing my bait and or rig. Plus the designated rock combo is rigged with floating line so unweighted baiting probably isnt an option, my favourite spot at avoca rocks holds drummer but my baits keep getting swept under ledges and snagged, how do i prevent this or should i cast further away from the shore.
  4. SickWolf

    Any Salmon action recently in Sydney ?

    Ive heard central coast has been holding some salmon but cannot confirm personally.
  5. Fish the movement of the tide (run out and run in) and use a standard float rig with pencil floats but make sure that it stays level in the water rather than lyibg flat on top or sinking. Also use tiny panfish hooks (they should be green depending on the brand) and pieces of sea cabbage
  6. SickWolf

    wobbegong help

    wobbegong are usually caught as by catch but ive caught some using strips of mackerel, bottom rigs like running sinker work just fine.
  7. try blackfish, off the rocks isnt essential but it is the easiest place to find them. also breakwalls like nelson bay produce good fish
  8. SickWolf

    Blackies off the rocks

    Can anyone confirm if north curl curl rocks and bare island are good blackfish spots with some local weed? Also any other rock spots are appreciated.
  9. SickWolf

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    I dont know
  10. SickWolf

    Pro Cure Gels

    Fish strip baits? Why would you want to do that? The natural scent should suffice
  11. SickWolf

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    Dont even ask me because i have no idea i just walked in and tried some on
  12. SickWolf

    ISO float fishing

    For that method, people use the zeroed float, which doesnt require any weight, only the weight of the bait, long rods are especially helpful for this technique
  13. SickWolf

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    I just got a life jacket and it fits well, its light, its not inflatable and there are pockets for extra tackle and such. $130 seems pretty good to me
  14. SickWolf

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    Im looking for a pfd/life jacket myself for rock fishing but the ones at a shop seem to be either uncomfortable and stifling or just low quality. I have recently been looking into the iso life jackets and they are breathable and light but cost an arm and a leg. And then some!
  15. SickWolf

    ISO float fishing

    I know quite a few people who only use iso and i have to say it is very effective. The ranges of floats differ in sensitivity depending on where you are fishing and the finesse element allows you to fish light gear for bigger fish. The rods are thin but very shock absorbent and their special reels have a reverse switch which absorbs big dashes from drummer and groper as they dive for cover. You can get cheaper rods and its really fun because you get to catch kingfish drummer etc on light tackle.