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  1. FishermanSteve

    Where are the hairtail in Sydney Harbour?

    This time last year I've seen them around blackwattle bay, near the cement works
  2. FishermanSteve

    Gladesville Jewies

    Live bait always best mate
  3. FishermanSteve

    Salted bait?

    If you don't want to salt just get some bait elastic whip it on the hook a couple of times. Works a treat cheap off eBay too
  4. FishermanSteve

    New boat - Fishing Buddy - East Coast

    Hey mate if you want some company out on the boat am happy to chip, got all my own gear etc and can get all the bait. PM if you like. Have boat licence and experience too
  5. FishermanSteve

    SouthWestRocks Highlights

    Yeah, it was a charter boat the club used for our weekend away. The skipper and deck hand got us on the fish for sure
  6. FishermanSteve

    SouthWestRocks Highlights

    A great weekend at SWR. Venus Tusk Fish and Gummy Shark were the highlights.
  7. FishermanSteve

    Hard Days Fishing

    Hey mate. It was $120 each 10 of us. Not sure if that is normal rate or if the club got it discount. Lovely crew and boat. I will try find out the name of the charter and pm it to you. They have three boats. Two charters and a smaller private boat for small group
  8. FishermanSteve

    Gladesville Bridge

    Fished there with no hassle, normally a few people fishing. It's just the very point area which you can fish. There is heavy restrictions around there as it was the location of factories for agent orange and other similar chemicals.
  9. FishermanSteve

    Gladesville Bridge

    No, try Wentworth point further down the parra. DON'T go through the Olympic Park with your gear to get the and stay on the point as much as possible not to cross on to the Olympic Park area as you will likely get a fine. It's great for soft plastics for bream and whiting. Throw out a squid for the Jew fish around there too while working the sp. (don't forget loose drag or baitrunner so it doesn't pull rod in water)
  10. FishermanSteve

    Micro jigs

    No pictures of the orange pants?
  11. FishermanSteve

    Hard Days Fishing

    Today I went on a charter from Sydney. The boat and skipper along with his deckhand were great. Despite all the effort they put in the fishing was very hard. Some snapper, mowies and sweep were about. One notable catch was fellow Fishraider Pompom. He caught a very very large cuttlefish on a whole pilchard. Very kindly he donated for my evening dinner. To make up for it the were a few pods of dolphins and plenty of whales about breaching.
  12. FishermanSteve

    Sydney Kings

    Yeah just near Seaforth by look of it. I was fishing a spot in middle harbour today while bait fishing land based. I was reeling in a slimy mackerel and it was taken by a king. After a hard and long fight on light gear I got it almost to shore and it bust me off
  13. FishermanSteve

    30min session

    Went out tonight to the jetty at Rose Bay for 30mins. On the second cast hooked on to a bream. Was using a lightly weighted pilchard tail. Great quick session(had to let off some steam)
  14. FishermanSteve

    North Coast Warms Up

    I think I'm that area fishing for two days I'm July I hope there is still fish like that about
  15. FishermanSteve

    Wollongong Snapper

    It tasted amazing, I baked it with lightly garlic infused butter and a dash of lemon. The texture was perfect