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  1. FishermanSteve

    Starting Beach Fishing

    Hey I have just popped you a message
  2. FishermanSteve

    Narrabeen Beach - Tomorrow (Sat 10 Nov 2018)

    Hey, I know this post was for the 10th but I fish northern beaches and rock ledges a lot. I'm haply to join you with some tips. 0481155455 message any time
  3. FishermanSteve

    Gymea Bay Baths for Landbased

    Seaforth. Berley heavy a meter from the right corner of the jetty and freeline nearly and bait
  4. FishermanSteve

    Clifton Gardens for Fishing

    Always a wide variety to fish there. It is very busy most days when the conditions are good. My recommendation: when looking at the jetty look to the right and you will see some rocks. Head up the walking trail and take the second path off of it to the left and it will get you down there. Lots of berley, I use breadcrumb, chicken pellets and small bits of bait I want to use. Rig, go small 0 or 00 sinker, bead and then hook, size 1 up to 3/0. Bait squid strip hooked through once or pillie tails.
  5. FishermanSteve


    If you do put it straight to hook keep it small and put two small beads on after the sinker to protect the hook knot
  6. FishermanSteve

    Carp, Friend or Foe?

    Saturday evening it was decided that Sunday's charter was cancelled. The reports were all showing a 2.6m swell with high winds. It was then decided that I should meet a fellow Fishraider for some inland fishing. I know in Australia Carp are seen as a pest, but it was happy sight to see on a rainy day. A hair rig tied by the fellow Fishraider threaded with sweetcorn, size 6 hook. A small ball sinker with a weight stop a foot up the main line to set the hook on impact. Nothing beats the buzz of the baitrunner. Laughing hard in the picture, that we had made the right decision to hit the water regardless of the weather and disappointment of not going out on the charter.
  7. FishermanSteve

    Shore Shark Fishing - Feb 2019 Just pay it online mate. As for address maybe just put the place you're staying if it won't let you put an overseas address. For a short licence they won't send you a card any way. You will be sent the receipt via email and that is enough if you are checked
  8. FishermanSteve

    Northern Beaches shark fishing

    Manly Beach normally has a gutter or two worth fishing for sharks. Happy to go at weekend evenings deffo and week evening if not on call. Had some good success this year. Pm if you like
  9. FishermanSteve

    Shore Shark Fishing - Feb 2019

    Was gonna suggest hitting the rocks too but can be a little hairy if the person taking them isn't experienced, suggesting Alex Bellissimo was a good idea. Rock fishing isn't something us UK lads are aware of much unless you live here. We think Australia and first thought is shark. But over last 4months or so been hitting the rocks gaining experience and confidence. It's super fun and drummer fight very very hard. I've yet to land a groper too but patience will pay off. All a matter of making sure the net is ready quick enough before line rubs through ?. Invested in a 5.5m handle to keep them away while netting
  10. FishermanSteve

    Shore Shark Fishing - Feb 2019

    Ah also make sure you pay for licence for the time you're here believe it or not you need a licence for sea fishing over here. The fisheries do a lot help over here but do fine you very heavy if you haven't got licence. No worries though the licence is cheap as chips
  11. FishermanSteve

    Shore Shark Fishing - Feb 2019

    I'm from the UK too. Lived here over a year with great success off of Manly Beach any time of year. PM me here nearer the time as am more than happy to catch you those sharks
  12. FishermanSteve


    True with the fatties especially at rose bay. Even with bait don't be scared to flick it and let settle every few minutes. Keep bait fresh change every 20mins
  13. FishermanSteve


    Bream: use garlic chicken thigh strips about 20mm long 5mm wide. Flathead: Berkeley plastic worm in camo and half pilchards(tail end). That's if you're land based in those spots. In summer in the spots long 30mm by 10mm strips of squid with 1/0 hook work ace. I've been land based fishing those spots for over a year now with good results
  14. FishermanSteve

    Winter dry spell over

    Ah thanks for the heads up Rick. There is an abundance of them at that spot at freshwater, I shall keep them in the bucket and take them a few beaches up to try convert them to a Jew ?
  15. FishermanSteve

    Winter dry spell over

    Finally my annual winter 7week dry spell of not catching is over. Nothing of note and unsure of species. But after we go fishing not catching. What I love most is being outdoors or the social side of things meeting with other fishing buddies.