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  1. Nice combo idea, not far off mine I use the next raider model down and a 2500 baitrunner as its such a durable reel. Don't be afraid of going light
  2. Don't totally give up on the plastics. When I finally cracked it I was rewarded with a 73cm Flathead. After that I have caught everything from slimy mackerel to big kings. Good catch btw
  3. That's amazing mate I think it took me about 9months of patience and blank sessions to self teach plastics. I should of taken a leaf out your book and got someone too teach me. However my reward was also a flattie half the size of yours. But none the less felt very very rewarding. Ever since I have been using plastics a lot for so many different species
  4. NSW give out plastic measuring tools for crabs in some of the fishing days or safe rock talks they oragnise with local councils. Use them and there isn't an argument
  5. Are you fishing of the rocks or beach? Normally around that area I use 2/0 hooks and 30-40mm squid strips about 15mm wide just hooked through once at an end of the strip so it flails nicely in the water
  6. Today was a beautiful hot day. While above looking over the rock ledge checking it's safety it was hard not to get tempted to the beach. But the ledge was safe and we proceeded to it. After some small fish with stripes on them and some sergeant bakers.... Boom! the ISO rod bent over reel screaming. Using a whole prawn with a small very sharp hooked buried inside a king had taken it. After a good fight and a helpful companion ready with the net the fish was in. A 53cm rat. Great end to the day. Tide was running in and the fish were about. But it was more sensible to get out the sun.
  7. Top king is so big the camera couldn't fit it in 😂 great job awesome catch
  8. Very true I had a guy kick my rod in the water the other night. After a few loud words and blows a knife was pulled. Lucky the police appeared and the knife mysteriously disappeared. He grabbed his stuff off in the car before police got to the jetty leaving them no choice but to take statements and not able to act. Despite him and his bait knife he is pretty lucky they turned up to be honest. But now looking back $300 worth of gear isn't worth the potential of a stab wound
  10. Hook it up with a sliding Snell mate they will have a go at a smiley that size
  11. Rod length 10-12ft mate not too heavy a rod
  12. It may not of been a king. I have no trouble bringing in legal kings on 12lb braid and 20lb leader. Although it takes a bit longer than skull dragging them in. Maybe it was a bit damaged or was shark like you say
  13. Possibly squid fishing as they are common to be used. But also if am casting at night it's a nice indicator I am confident it doesn't Scare the fish away
  14. It's one of the only species I haven't seen yet
  15. I tend to run a very small sinker and a micro bead on my leader straight to the jig. Helps fight the current as most places in the harbour are prone to current. I have lots of success
  16. Get yourself some beach worms mate they are very under rated as Jew Bait. Failing that a butterflied slimy mackerel
  17. I have had a week off work. It's funny how waking up early for work is so hard. But when it comes to fishing early mornings are easy. So for the past four mornings I've been heading to Blues Point armed with rod and soft plastic in white of the nemesis type. I saw a couple of fish bust on the surface. The chap next to me chucked his surface lure with no avail. I then chucked my soft plastic with a fast retrieve five winds then let it drop for 6seconds as I started another retrieve, then it hit. My first ever kingfish. After a good fight the fish was landed safely and measured in at 66cm
  18. Hey, I know this post was for the 10th but I fish northern beaches and rock ledges a lot. I'm haply to join you with some tips. 0481155455 message any time