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  1. Hi there, Just wondering if any of you guys have tried surface fishing for bream shorebased for much success. Also what setups, lures and retrieves youve had success with. Thanks, Michael
  2. maxytaxi

    Bream lures for the flats

    Cheers guys thanks for all your tips hopefully i can crack a couple
  3. maxytaxi

    Bream lures for the flats

    Hi guys, Just wondering what setups and fave lures and colours you guys are using to chase bream on the flats. Ive just started to get into some shore based fishing for bream around the parramatta river. Thanks, Michael
  4. Ok buddy thanks for the tips mate
  5. maxytaxi

    parramatta river

    Cheers thanks for that mate, i will be keen to throw a few blades around and see how i go. Is the double hop ok or do you normally just lift the rod and let it flutter back to the bottom
  6. Hi guys, Which colours and jighead weight did you find worked best. Also were you guys hoping the zman grubz or slow rolling them? Thanks, Michael
  7. maxytaxi

    parramatta river

    Ok thanks mate, Do you have any fav colours? Would the 1/8oz be an ok size. Will mainly be trying in close to the shoreline
  8. maxytaxi

    parramatta river

    Hi guys, Just getting into saltwater lure fishing and was just wondering if anyone out there has had much success chasing bream and flatties in the canada bay area. Also which lures of techniques did you find worked best. Thanks, Michael
  9. Hi mate,

    Just wondering what lures you have had most success with for bream and flatties in the canada bay area.