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  1. Love it. Thinking about going to the heads myself.
  2. Hi guys, I have crawled through the bushes for the last 3 hours and could not find how to get to the eastern side of middle head. I read that there is a chain to get down, however I could not find it. Can someone point me in right direction on which track to take when going there? Thanks in advance
  3. I use 20lb Black Magic mono if targeting salmon or taylor. Everything else is 60lb Mono for the rocks. I usually put 3-4 meters of mono as a leader and tie it with an FG knot. Have not had an issue yet. Black Magic FTW
  4. Hey Toilor, Check these guys out isofishinglifestyle on google. They had seajigger at a nice price of $275. Cheaper then anywhere else. I chose 325m because most of my lures are between 40g-90g. I tried 90g and it felt like the rod still had a bit in it so it can definetly handle 100g. Not like other Daiwa rods that are over-rated. I have put amigo braid 50lb on the salttist ltd and was able to fit 300 meters, which is perfect for me. Seajigger that is paired with 4500 saltist ltd is still a bit off balance, because it is a 9'6 rod. In saying that I will not get tired if I will be flicking lures all day. I have put 50lb amigo braid on it and the guys at the shop had a special on it atm. Yeah coalcliff has a few lobster traps - I counted 6 in close proximity to the rocks.
  5. Hi all, I noticed Fisherman's rock location picture is not showing up. Is it possible someone can update it and also point me in right direction? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all, Long time reader but never posted before. Tuesday was a great day for me. Purchased a new Daiwa Seajigger 325M rod and a Daiwa Saltist 4500 Ltd reel. Great setup and can't wait to catch something massive on it. Anyway, went to Coalcliff rocks on Tuesday. Got there around 3pm and low tide was expected at 5:30pm. Water was pretty high on the rocks and two fishermen allowed me to share the ledge with them, because there were no dry ledges when i got there. Decided to try trusty Knight 65g. Made couple of casts but nothing was biting. After 30min I got one barracuda. These things are everywhere around sydney. There were couple of lobster pots 3-5 meter away from the ledge and I got snagged. Anyways lost the good old Knight, but because the setup was new with 50lb line I almost got the lobster pot out of the water. After re-rigging i have put Rapala SXR12 in minnow colour. Fiirst cast and I got another Barracuda, but while lifting I lost it. They are hard to set the hooks on properly. Spend another 2 hours trying all kinds of lures (Metals, Hard bodies, Soft plastics) but nothing was biting. The fisherman next to me got couple of sharks on pilchards and a good sized bream. Looks like the water is still too cold.