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  1. Surely a gasket can still be made from Other materials???
  2. I forgot to mention, all connections are crimped and soldered and screwed down firmly with a bit of silicone to stop them coming loose, also I’ve put the Plastic covering Plate over the fuse panel.....
  3. Hi guys, ive recently redone the wiring in my boat, I just had to many loose connections, I replaced the nav and stern lights to led, put in a new switch panel via a fuse panel, all new connections everywhere and also to my sounder,,,I also added led strips all the way around for night time fishing in summer.... Lights to LEDs
  4. Hi Campr, in the photo the steering wheel is off whilst the motor is already in the straight position...but thanks every one for your input.... Regards Muz.
  5. Hi guys, this has been bugging me for sometime now, when my motor is in the straight position my steering wheel isn’t, is this a simple adjustment??, is it just a matter of taking off the cover and removing the nut and reposition the steering well??, any info would be appreciated. Regards Muz
  6. Muzza6411

    Bung plugs

    Just checked it this morning Jeff and the insert is like yours, so I put a bit of marine grease around the o ring And put it in and it feels snug now....went to repCo and auto one but they done have the right o rings, I might try whittworths....
  7. Muzza6411

    Bung plugs

    Thanks Jeff, I’ll check it out in the morning, like I said that’s how I got it from the previous owner..btw where do you get the o rings from??
  8. Muzza6411

    Bung plugs

    I checked the book that came with the boat which also had a couple of new o rings,,,as Kingie chaser has said I may have been lucky,,,so I put the new ones on and I’m hoping they will work....
  9. Muzza6411

    Bung plugs

    My boats an allycraft 2002 model, I bought it second hand and the bungs came with the boat, I’ve had it about 3 yrs now and I’ve been out quite a bit, but on the last trip I had about 2 litres of water come out,,,,now the o ring has been in that position since I’ve had and quite a lot of photo’s I see the o ring is right at the bung flang and not what’s in the photo....thanks guys for your comments, I will do more searching....cheers
  10. Muzza6411

    Bung plugs

    Hi guys, I’ve got an issue with my bung plugs where by water has been getting into the boat, I believe the washer/o-ring could be the problem,,,anyways I went out to a shop today and 1 they don’t have the same bung thread and 2 they don’t have the o-rings, I either have to buy a whole new set of bung and insert,,is this a common problem?? cheers
  11. Is the 27mhz radio still used, And does the same principle applies, it uses ch 88...
  12. I think most boat ramps where I go they have removed the washing taps..might have been because of water restrictions etc etc....
  13. Thanks to all for your input, my mind is at ease now,cheers
  14. It won’t be off shore, it will be in the Hawkesbury close to home, I’m getting all led lights inside and under the gunnels, I think Zoran has read my mind,,, my motor is a 2002 yamy 40 hp 2 stroke so I can only flush with the muffs...
  15. Hi to all, was thinking that in summer I’d like to go fishing at night instead of the heat of the day,,,my dilemma is how do I flush my motor out late at night and wake up the neighbours,,,could I say maybe do it 8 hrs later during daylight ours,,will this be alright still in terms of the motor??
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