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  1. Hi , this topic was a few years ago and I was just browsing this topic due to I have the same issues. Radio is approx.a 2005 GME 27 meg. and the antenna is GME AE 60 with the same base as above. If anyone has one and has no need for it anymore I love to take it off your hands !! Cheers Gaffa ...mobile...0410579430
  2. Hi Guys,a very new member and just become sort of home sick after reading about Forster.Have fished the area for the last 30 odd years,never get tired of it.Great fish and that water,doesnt get any better.Back up there in a few weeks.A little tip from a local,for bream on plastics try Lake police-CHUBBIES,a little pricey but they do work Cheers Gaffa
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