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  1. Thanks mate. I will give it a go next weekend.
  2. Thanks for the tip mate. Are pipis found in Fingal beach or I have to buy worms from tackle Shop? I don't have any experience in catching beach worms and less confident of catching one after watching all these YouTube videos 😉
  3. Thank you guys for sharing the information. Weather forecast doesn't look good for the next weekend. I will give the places a go whenever weather permits.
  4. Hi Guys, I am heading to Nelson bay next weekend for a family trip and planning to do fishing with my Mrs and kids. Can someone guide me where I can catch live bait landbased in the nelson bay area at this time of the year? Thanks
  5. Hi Mate, I discussed it with the partner and she is ok with it. We usually fish on the bradleys head rocks. Just wanted a change so exploring new spots which are not affected by waves or swell. I will give it go this weekend based on wind and weather conditions. Thanks, Praga
  6. Hi Mate, Thanks for the information. I managed to find the track using the picture My partner is less agile and I definitely go with plan B. Kind regards, Praga
  7. Hi Guys, I am planning to fish in the below rocks near obelisk beach with my partner. Can someone help me with how to access this spot? I am worried that the climb might be difficult for my partner. Thanks, Praga
  8. Hi Guys, Went to spit bridge today and no luck with catching Blackfish. It may be because I was using bread since I am not able to find weed near my area (Ryde). Caught one legal bream and few small ones
  9. Hi Guys, Thank you for your much-valued inputs. I decided to go to spit bridge this afternoon since it will enable me to try squid jigging in the night :) I will let you all know how it went.
  10. Hi Josh, I am worried that wharfs might be crowded on weekend. Anyways, I will give it a go let you know how it went.
  11. Hi Guys, I am new to fishing and reading the forums for a couple of months since registered. I tried fishing for luderick couple of times before lock down based on tips from fishraider and caught one. I am planning to give it a go this weekend along with my kid. Just wondering if anyone can help me with a luderick spot in and around sydney harbour which is less crowded and safe for kids. Thanks
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