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  1. Hey Mate I'm Gonna Probably Go The Curado K, It's Got a 6:3:1 Retrieve Ratio So I Think It'll Be a Good All Round Reel For Jacks, Trevs and Bass. Cheers Hamish
  2. Hey Mate, I'm Probably Going To Go With The Curado K Heard A Lot of Good Things About It And Doesn't Have Sticky Drag Like Some Reels. Cheers Hamish
  3. I've Been Jack Fishing Quite a Bit Lately, Managed a Few up Bonville Creek, But There's One Thing I Need and That's a New Baitcaster Setup for Throwing Divers, Poppers and Plastics Deep into Snags. I'll Most Likely get a Curado K but I just need help with the Gear Ratio. Any Help or Suggestions Would Be Much Appreciated. Cherrs Hamish
  4. Yeah I think thirty should do the trick and thanks for the help mate. Cheers hamo
  5. Thanks rick I think I'll run 20 pound spider wire braid and 30 pound leader. Cheers hamo
  6. madfishohamish

    warrell creek

    Yeah it's excellent fishing and camping. Lots of flathead and bream, my mate caught a metre flathead down there whilst camping and you can catch jewies their at the moment
  7. Hey raiders I'm heading down to Copeton Dam in about a month and I am looking to get a new baitcaster setup for the cod and I was wondering what size rod I should get and how much drag the reel needs
  8. madfishohamish

    Good Fishing spots at Copeton Dam?

    I was thinking of going late September so hopefully it will warm up a bit and what lures do you recommend for cod
  9. Hey fellow raiders, I will be heading up to copeton soon and i was wondering if anyone has any spots in the dam they recommend to fish for cod and what lures I should use. Cheers Hamo?