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  1. BO'Brien

    Land based kings

    Cheers man. Thanks for the help
  2. BO'Brien

    Land based kings

    Hey coasties just looking for some advice to chase my first kingie. Firstly what is the best time of the year to fish for these? Im thinking catching squid at the haven then trying off the haven point using it as bait. What type of leader and rig should i be running. Cant wait. Cheers
  3. BO'Brien

    Central Coast Newbie

    Ok a lot of info there thanks Regan sounds like you really get into them. when i get a chance I'll try some of these spots. Nah didnt fish this weekend mate.
  4. BO'Brien

    Central Coast Newbie

    Ok thanks for the advice guys. I'll try off norah
  5. BO'Brien

    Central Coast Newbie

    I have been just chasing estuary species but im keen to get into some rat kings out of the kayak when they turn up.
  6. BO'Brien

    Central Coast Newbie

    Hi Raiders, Im only new to the forum and fishing but love learning as much as i can about it. I mainly fish Brisbane Waters but am keen to try surf and rock fishing etc also. I fish out of a hobie revo. Cheers