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  1. Update.... safety gear has been installed GME Gx700 vhf radio with 1.8m antenna GME epirb and built in GPS will feel much safer going offshore now my apologies for thinking this safety gear is optional extra when in realty if I’m stuck out there it’s the only way to get help
  2. Thanks stradic please forward me some of the gps marks you are willing to share via PM so I can put them into navionics to see the distance....etc thanks in advance
  3. Zoran I plan on purchasing a GME Epirb/gps tomorrow are these registered online another words could I purchase the epirb then go offshore next day or wait for do I need to wait on registration cert?? Also plan on buying floating hand held vhf radio without the having the required radio licence would I be in trouble during safety inspections, I do plan on getting the radio license just plan on getting offshore this weekend thanks for any info you can provide
  4. Thanks everyone for all your advice and tips I will purchase and epirb/radio better to safe .. just out of curiosity what is the fine like for being in open water and not having correct safety gear ?
  5. Very keen to get on the action I would would really appreciate any one is will to give some gps marks to hit up on some decent size fish within 2nm range ... pm if don’t want to list publicly thanks in advance
  6. Have been on family boats all my life feel very comfortable boating but this is my first personal boat .. I normally put the boat in at Rhodes boat ramp and heading out to rose bay and just outside the heads With just myself onboard and feel quite comfortable venturing bit further out still need to purchase an epirb/flares
  7. I have recently purchased a Stacer 509 sea runner with 90hp evinrude etec my question is what are my limitations in regards to taking this boat offshore fishing out Sydney heads and how far would you take it on a good weather day , could it be possible to get to some reefs