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  1. fishii

    Info on how to reduce wind knots

    Hi All Thanks for the info . I managed to have an entire fishing session without any wind knots " Fingers crossed". I realized a couple of mistakes I kept making . 1. Reel had too much line on it . Removed a bit of line so that it's not overspooled. 2. When I cast, if its against the wind . I get alot of slack line . To avoid it I close the bail when I feel there is enough line out . Once I close the bail I pull a bit of line with my hand . This avoids any slack on the line in the spool. Thank you all very much. Appreciate it. I use an FG knot
  2. fishii

    Info on how to reduce wind knots

    I use an fg knot .I will re spool to check again
  3. fishii

    Info on how to reduce wind knots

    Thank you
  4. Hi All Need some info on how to reduce wind knots . I started spinning recently and keep getting wind knots quite often . I have a saragosa 6000 with 30lb tasline on a SHIMANO JEWEL 962 8-15KG SPIN ROD . Initially I believed the knots were caused cause the fluro was 60lb . I moved this down to 40lb and noticed some improvement . Any assistance would be appreciated Thanks
  5. fishii

    Daiwa / Shimano service experience

    Thank you@connico
  6. Hi All Just wanted to know how was your service experience for daiwa / shimano reels . Have any of you experienced difficulty servicing daiwa magseal reel . Do they cost alot to service? Thanks
  7. fishii

    Lure fishing rod info

    Thank you all for the info
  8. fishii

    Clifton Gardens 03/02

    Found a way to get to the rocks
  9. fishii

    Lure fishing rod info

    Spinning reel
  10. fishii

    Lure fishing rod info

    Hi All I am looking for info on a lure fishing rod ( Spinning Reel) . Going to be using it for hardbody lures/ metal lures weighing around 50gms .Is there a difference between jig spin rod / top water rod ? I would be fishing off the rocks so something around 8ft rod length would be ideal . Shimano jewel had a top water rod around 8ft . Is this a good option, or if you guys know anything with Daiwa or Penn would be great Thanks
  11. fishii

    Clifton Gardens 03/02

    Thanks for the info Jim .I tried getting onto the rocks from the walkway but was unsuccessful . Usually when Im at the wharf I do a couple of guys fishing from there . I guess I would keep trying or one just go there to find that spot:)
  12. fishii

    Clifton Gardens 03/02

    How do you get there .I tried a couple of times but to no avail
  13. fishii

    Black Fish Fishing

    Hi All Was planning on fishing for blackfish around The Entrance NSW " Land Base Fishing ". I would like to know around the Entrance if there is a good spot for getting their bait "sea grass". Thanks
  14. fishii

    Squid Info

    Thank you all for the tips
  15. fishii

    Squid Info

    Hi All Caught my first squid the other day ,wanted to keep it alive for bait however once i put it in the bucket it died with ink all over the place . So my question Can a squid ink itself to death and how do we keep em alive ? My dead squid was in a bucket half filled with water Thanks