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  1. Ducky

    Using PVC Pipe

    Thinking outside the square... I like it!
  2. Ducky

    Operating dual battery

    I’m no electrician by any means but why do you need a 2nd battery at all assuming it is 12v and you’re not running 2 x 6v in series? Is it for the leccy or just back up for piece of mind? When my project is finished I’ll have my trolling battery hooked up to a volt sensitive relay so when the alternator has the starting battery charged (starting battery runs the accessories too) it will automatically switch over to charge the trolling battery. Good for those long weekends using the leccy when access to 240v (battery charger) is limited or non existent. I imagine your starting battery has the appropriate crank for the outboard.
  3. Ducky

    Plywood alternate?

    Scrap this guys, done a fair bit of research and think I’ll stick with ply, it’s tried and tested over and over, will just seal, seal, seal!
  4. Ducky

    Plywood alternate?

    Raiders, Heaps of threads around but no definitive answers so am looking for any personal experiences. Was just about to purchase ply for my casting decks but got on to a product called Celuka Foam Board. It’s a specialised foam pvc sheet so no sealing needed and rot proof and much cheaper than the likes of king starboard and seaboard. Distributors reckon it’s perfect for the application and have sold it for that purpose many times in the past so someone must know something. It also goes by names of Nycel, Signex and Maxi T. This gear looks to good to be true. Any info would be great, cheers!
  5. Ducky

    Boat trailer repairs

    Try Felk trailers at Warners Bay. I’ve used them before for mods and repairs of older boat trailers and were very happy with them. Had a similar issue as you a few years back, got the rollers ripped out (at the rear) and put skids in then got the rest of the roller stand offs cut off, replaced, relocated and welded back in throughout the rest of the trailer. They did a great job and wasn’t too heavy on price from memory.
  6. Ducky

    motorguide xi5 gps

    Yeah you sure can, the features are brilliant. I could go on and on but you best YouTube some videos. Starlo has a couple good clips too. I too heavily weighed up Minn Kota, features are similar, both well built but the dollar savings were too big to ignore. I have local authorised MG support but my closest MK support was a few hundred clicks away - no good for service and repairs etc.
  7. Ducky

    Sealing plywood casting deck

    That’s brilliant mate, some detailed 1st hand experience. I’m not afraid to fork out for the right product. A quick look online it seems to tick the boxes. Cheers!
  8. Ducky

    motorguide xi5 gps

    I literally just purchased a 60” 55lb Xi5 a few weeks ago with all the kit to link to my lowrance. Hasn’t been wet yet but gee I’m lookin forward to it!
  9. Ducky

    Sealing plywood casting deck

    Thanks macca that’s just what I wanted to hear!
  10. Ducky

    Sealing plywood casting deck

    Thanks for the advice guys and interesting discussion, so far I think I’ll go with everdure. It’s a bit pricey but hopefully will pay for itself down the track.
  11. Ducky

    Sealing plywood casting deck

    G’day Raiders, An age old question I know but I’m looking for advice on the best product for sealing plywood. I will be carpeting of course but need to get a good seal 1st. Seems like Everdure 2 part epoxy and Bondcrete keep coming up. Are these the best options? This is a brand new boat I’m modifying with full custom casting deck so don’t want any shortcuts and needs to last the distance, relatively speaking. Any advice would be great. Cheers!
  12. Ducky

    10 inch 4 stud spare trailer wheel

    Mate if you punch in “10 inch trailer wheel” into Ebay you’ll find plenty that offer cheap postage. Alternatively you could contact a trailer manufacturer in your local area they might have 1 lying around they could give you for knicks.
  13. Ducky

    best battery for electric motor

    Personally I’d go for a 120ah and don’t skimp on quality and deep cycle is a must. You should be able to pick up a half decent 100ah in the higher end of that price range maybe closer to $300. Look at a Ritar RA12-100SD. Just my 2 cents. Cheers!
  14. Ducky

    Suzuki Motors

    My 2 cents....., Just purchased myself a Honda 30hp tiller after weighing up all brands. Price, weight, local support and manufacturers warranty was hard to beat when comparing and researching on various forums etc. and being a carbied engine it’s easier to work on. Suzuki was certainly up there but the fact it doesn’t have the large tiller arm with controls in the 30 was a show stopper for me. All in all look at what works best for you. Local support that you can trust is something to seriously consider when deciding. The lighter the outboard obviously the better. 7yr warranty that Honda offer really says something about the confidence in the product. It’s a personal choice but do your research. I personally haven’t heard anything negative about the Suzuki but never owned 1 myself. Good luck with what ever you go with mate!
  15. Ducky

    Swivel seat

    Not much change since that pic about a month ago (seats aren’t actually installed yet). Got my 30hp Honda, Xi5 motorguide 54lb and Lowrance elite 7 Ti last week and is today in with the welder for a thruster plate. The dealer said I didn’t need 1 but when I went to fit the electric last week it doesn’t match up so safe to say I got stuck into them and now their coughing up, well for half the bill anyway. Need to raise 1 side of the bow so it’s nice and flush (no lip). It’s progressing a bit with the framing almost done, everything will almost just fall into place over the next several weeks. Taking a long time but will be worth it when it’s done.