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  1. Dorta

    Prop advise

    Hi All, I'm in need of advice on prop size, I've never don't a WOT and won't be able to due to bent prop fins. It's been 4 weeks and haven't had the time until now and looking forward to getting it sorted for summer. 5-5m Fibreglass Runabout 1992 Yamaha V4 2strok 140hp CETO Current Prop is 13 1/2 - 19K Alloy?? All 3x fins bent. Looking at purchasing a used SS prop as an upgrade and I've found 2x. - SS Yamaha 13 x 19k for $275 - Seller claim it may be a 13 1/2 but its stamped 13 x 19k - SS Yamaha 13 1/2 x 19k for $380 My questions would be obviously the price is different between and the first prop being cheaper. Any owner currently running similar/same Outboard and Haul with what size prop? or would the 1/2 in diameter make a difference? Cheers, Victor
  2. Dorta

    Boat battery charger

    All 3x are bent, it dense mud/clay surface. If it would cost less than a replacement i'd consider it or otherwise get a replacement if it cost that bit extra..
  3. Dorta

    Boat battery charger

    I'm not even sure on entertaining myself with getting someone to repair the prop or source a aluminium or stainless steel Definitely first time forgetting the bungs and I hope it would be the last...
  4. Dorta

    Boat battery charger

    Also I should add, since having no sleep and a few guys were keen to hit the water on Sunday (1:00am). I forgot to plug all 3x bungers in and after parking up the car, The boat was filling up fast with water and all my battery including the terminal was submerged! I quickly dash back to the car and pull the boat back out!a And... start to the day we travel up of hawksbury where my mates idea was to drop the crab pot out along the mangrove which I traveled at walking speed with the sounder showing 3.5m depth... notice a shudder and expected the worse and straight away went back into reverse with light throttle. Didn't think much of it and until taking the boat out at the ramp at :3:00pm! It was a long day for me... At the end of the day, I washed down everything with fresh water and soap from my Gerni should this be ok? or do I need to check anything else with the terminal and battery? All electronic work all day.
  5. Dorta

    Boat battery charger

    Hi Jeff, As requested to keep you updated, been awhile I had the chance to get things done and get on the water. Charged both batteries on the new MXS5.0 and boat start fine again with no issues, haven't got any replacement battery yet. When the time comes for a good sale then i'll look at my option. Thanks for the update on the sale, I found out too late with your post. Cheers Victor.
  6. Hi Fishraider's Thought I'd share this article if no one has posted or read it. Cheers, Victor
  7. Dorta

    Boat Unknown I.D

    Thanks Fishraiders! 5.47m to be exact and not measured to the bowsprit. I couldn't find anything coming close to the hull... nonetheless really appreciate the response. Victor.
  8. Dorta

    Boat Unknown I.D

    Anyone might have a slight clue?
  9. Dorta

    Wobble Roller Advice sought

    Congrats Bear! Wheres your next trip!
  10. Dorta

    Boat Unknown I.D

    Hello Fishraiders! I was hoping if someone can help I.D this boat. I've already purchased it but I've always been curious. As far as I'm aware, I may be the 3rd owner and previous owner wasn't sure as well. The HIN plate has Waterways mark on it and that's about it I could find on the hull. Rego also says Unknown Make. Boat is 1980's, may be the original trailer as well as its a 1988 home made registered trailer (As per rego paper). Original motor apparently was a 115hp Yamaha 2str but now has a 91/92 140hp Yamaha 2str. This is as much I could gather from previous owner who only used it in the Nepean River only! It is a 5.5m runabout, hope this helps.
  11. Dorta

    Boat battery charger

    Hi Sigma, I've only owned the boat since father's day. Never been charged before an outing, I will take on your advice and will check the battery meter during the weekend along with investing into a C Tek charger, not sure which to choose from... I will be doing some work on it as I go with putting a VSR as an addition to the current set up and all lights to LED. Cheers, Victor.
  12. Dorta

    Boat battery charger

    By all means, I know how to change batteries etc... first time actually owning a boat so this has open up a new world... - No, motor doesn't start on single battery. Prior to the last trip it always started on one. (Personally I would want to change both batteries as they are car batteries at the moment). - I might get them tested myself this weekend once I pick up a multi meter and follow your advice with running motor at the same time. - I was thinking of always trickle charging the day before heading out. Only thing that is running is the Garmin Sounder, NAV lights & Anchor lights.
  13. Dorta

    Boat battery charger

    I can confirm no VSR fitted, i have no clue when it comes to electricals. I just did my wheels bearings on the weekend for all 4x wheels. I do have gauges fitted but not digital, they work but I am confident it is no where near 100%. I appreciate the responses greatly. Victor.
  14. Dorta

    Boat battery charger

    Thanks Raging, correct me if im wrong although having the higher output amp sometimes isnt always good? I not sure which c tek is suitable that also allows trickle charge. Can you have a cranking battery that is also deep cycle in one?
  15. Dorta

    Boat battery charger

    Hi fishraiders, I didn't want to start a new thread so I though I revive this one. I recently purchase a 5.5m run about boat. Currently has a 140hp Yamaha. It currently set up with a 1, 2, all and off switch on dual batteries (current battery car). I've recently taken the boat out and notice it cannot start on single battery and requires both. I've been advised by mechanic to get a 730amp century battery. I would consider myaelf not very knowledgeable when it comes electronics so I'm seeking advice what battery to get to replace the 2x currently, what charger to get that does trickle charge and fast (notice C Tek is highly recommended by fishraiders). Cheers Victor!