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  1. fishoo

    the entrance prawn fishing

    anyone else who would be familiar with the area?
  2. fishoo

    the entrance prawn fishing

    Yeh read few of his posts. He appears to be the local legend of prawning.
  3. fishoo

    the entrance prawn fishing

    Hey lads, I'm wanna go prawn fishing (first time in my life) and I was wondering if there are any specific spots I can go to? I've heard about the entrance (lake Tuggerah) been there before day fishing. I was wondering if there is a specific spot I need to go there? Any special gear besides a net and light? Want to take dad fishing so I'm trying to prepare so its a great fishing (prawning) experience. Any input is greatly welcomed. Cheers, Fishoo
  4. fishoo

    Clifton gardens - eating fish safe?

    Yeh if eating the fish causes problems, it would probably be long term.
  5. Hi all, New to fishing in Sydney. I went the other day to Clifton gardens and caught few slimy mackerel. I saw a lot of people taking them home for eating. I was wondering is the fish safe to eat? Since its connected to Parramatta river? I know you can't really eat fish from the parra river, I wanted to know if this would apply to slimy mackerel at Clifton gardens. Maybe some of the veterans can shed some light. (I'm fairly new to fishing and this forum, my apologies if I posted this in the wrong section. Cheers!