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  1. Thanks for the help but mongarlowe suffered beyond return a few years back and only has a small number of fish at its join to the shoalhaven river. Not really a fishery unfortunately for the area and myself
  2. Ok I'm only new to fly fishing for trout and I have done a fair bit of searching for decent waters around Robertson and kangaroo valley especially as I suspected these would be my closest trout streams to my home in Ulladulla , but I have never seen a fish or even a rise in these areas . If you have decent knowledge of the area do you care to message me a stream or two where I might see some action. It's hard trying to learn fly fishing for trout when the closest waters you know are 4 hours away in the snowies !! Cheers
  3. Great link , unfortunately i have chased up a few spots in my area and alot of them are on private property with stubborn owners and no public access allowed . It would make more sense if stocking certain species was done in or near national or state parks so everyone could see benefits great link tho , kept me on the computer for hours !!
  4. When you say highlands what area are you refering to mate ?
  5. Hi guys just wanted to know if anyone on here has had experience with flyfishing for trout around the Braidwood nsw area in its creeks and tributaries . All i can find on the net is that they may have once been there but no recent reports . Also what is the general consensus on what a creek has to have : size , flow, elevation etc to hold trout in nsw . Any info would help . Cheers