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  1. Awesome thanks trigunner54 I'll try them spots tonight and lll let yoh know how I go
  2. No worries Fab1, as I said I'm new to this and I keep getting post from 2007 come up ! And I'm Brent, sorry I didn't catch your name mate ? Anyway guys I'm from Camden area I'm 22 and have an interest in going squid fishing. Just finished my setup today I have a shimano 2500 reel with a shimano Catana egi rod. Running a 10lbs braided line. I went over to Yarra bay tonight and spent 3 hours but no luck. I'll keep trying around Sydney. Might look at going I've ever near bundeena or so. Not really sure of other spots to go to. Thanks !
  3. Hi guys, just wondering where some good squid fishing spots are in Sydney ?? I am only new to this. Thanks
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