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  1. COASTIE 01

    Ripper day

    they arent mack tuna a mack tuna looks like this as shown in one of scratchies reports
  2. COASTIE 01

    Hawkesbury Jew

    moster of a jewie there mate well done on beating the magiic metre mark
  3. COASTIE 01

    Night time bait

    what wharf did you get them at rick?? ive been getting a couple at woy woy
  4. COASTIE 01

    Singles for surface lures?

    px45 ????
  5. COASTIE 01

    Plastic squids

    advertised with a jighead here
  6. COASTIE 01

    Reel pouch/storage recommendations ?

    you could consider one of these pouches http://www.a
  7. COASTIE 01

    Northern Beaches Salmon

    yes very true, where do you fish up here, never really went beach fishing, more in the easturies
  8. COASTIE 01

    Coffs beach mulloway

    thanks mate
  9. COASTIE 01

    Coffs beach mulloway

    nice catch mate, what gear are you using
  10. COASTIE 01

    Before work fun

    healthy looking fish there bud
  11. COASTIE 01

    The Entrance October Dark

    nice sized prawns bud do you go for them in the channel area?
  12. COASTIE 01

    Hardys bay

    cheers mate i reckon there will be bigger ones in there, just have to find them
  13. COASTIE 01

    Chasing Bust Ups in Sydney + Video

    nice pics + luv the vid
  14. COASTIE 01

    Kayak fishing for white seabass

    nice vid mate