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  1. Amatteroflight

    Arrawarra beach mulloway

    What a great catch! Congrats!
  2. Amatteroflight

    Land-based HSS Shark Point (x2 outings)

    Thank you for the tips mate. I really appreciate it! I will try smaller lures probably closer to 40g, which I have. I was using an 11' rod with a Penn Spinfisher SSV8500 and 25lb line with an 80lb Black Magic leader. Maybe a bit overexcited hoping for a big kingie. Incidentally, I had never fished further north than Giles Baths (what used to be) at the north end of Coogee. I did nearly 300 scuba dives at Shark Point in the late 90s though. I have seen some great fish during those dives. Big kings, a huge old man snapper (big knob and all) on a morning solo dive and even jewies on night dives. It is a really good, deep water spot. There were always nannygai out NE from the gutter in 26 meters and many bastard trumpeters too. I have some slide photos somewhere......
  3. Amatteroflight

    Innovations in photography...

    HI mate The Superb Fairy-wren photo depicts a male in his eclipse plumage. He retains the blue in the tail.
  4. In my younger days when I regularly fished the rocks around Coogee and Maroubra I never put myself into situations when things were dangerous. In heavier seas, we fished Mistral Point or The Blessings, or a high ledge at South Coogee. There were plenty of places to go to in probably 75% of the conditions. When I didn't fish, I spearfished or I surfed regularly. This also meant I was able to read the water and as per my first sentence not put myself into dumb situations. In those years I have seen my fair share of silly people taking stupid risks for the sake of a fish or two. Yesterday, I watched a bunch of Asians (true) fishing at Shark Point and while most had the right footwear and lifejackets, one had neither and he attempted to cross dangerous section without even looking at the water movements nearly falling into the drink before my eyes. Incidentally, I am also an immigrant in Australia and had to learn all this water sense for myself through participating in SLSA, surfing etc... The only time I had ever come anywhere close to drowning when I went surfing at The 'Bra in massive swells with no one else out at all and I got caught inside a monster set of waves. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever experienced and while it scared the absolute shyte out of me, I still kept surfing in big waves after the event... Personally, I disagree with having to wear a lifejacket because big brother wants to protect me from harm. I also doubt that there will be a mass enforcement of this law. Maybe at the more popular locations, but certainly not the more remote ones. I will abide by it though, because I am compliant. But a law will not make for rockfishermen with common sense.
  5. I spend four hours in two sessions spinning at Shark Point (Clovelly) in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs over this weekend. Saturday 10:30-13:00, light NE blowing, 0.5-1.0m NE swell, partly cloudy, relatively clear water Sunday 05:30-07:00, light NW at first, turned into a gusty SW by about 06:45, better wash this morning than yesterday No fish were caught. Lures used were metal slices (gold and silver around 60g), surecatch 85 gram metal jig (pink/chrome), blue Halco 125mm popper and a white one this morning with the red head. Also, this morning I tried some of those smelly soft plastics with 6/0 Gamakatsu for jews or kings. Smidgey I think is the name... Had fun, as these were my first two sessions since 1996 or so, despite not catching anything except seeing three pods of dolphins and a lone seal. Previously I used to love fishing the Eastern Suburbs rocks....
  6. Hi everyone Years ago I rock fished (among many other things) and never more than 1km from Maroubra Beach so checking surf conditions quickly was easy. Fast forward 20 years and western Sydney is a long way for a quick check of sea conditions. Can any of you recommend any live cams to monitor for current wave activity? Also, if there is/are app/s for swell forecasts etc. to ascertain whether it is worthwhile to head to the coast to rock fish? Thanks in advance for any tips....
  7. Amatteroflight

    Great Sunday - but what fish is this?

    Oh no..... Admittedly, I no longer own fish books. I have mostly bird ID books
  8. Amatteroflight

    Great Sunday - but what fish is this?

    It's not a female Crimson-banded Wrasse. It appears more like Günther's aka Guenther's Wrasse. It would be great to see more detail in the colours and patterns. Shoot an email to my friend Mark at the Australian Museum. He's an expert of Australian fishes ?
  9. Amatteroflight

    Think its a parrotfish? (Crimson Banded Wrasse. Male)

    Exactly as Blackfish had said. People often mistakenly call wrasses as parrotfishes (people think that most likely due to the gaudy colouring of males of the species). We don't really have members of the parrotfishes in the Sydney region - may get some strays during the summer months that get washed down via the East Australian Current from the tropics, but most tropicals tend to not survive our temperate waters beyond autumn or so (except Lionfishes).
  10. Amatteroflight

    Can I get an id on this fish?(Eastern Frogfish)

    It is definitely an eastern frogfish, as mentioned earlier. As a long time scuba diver and underwater photographer in the 90s and early 2000s, I am quite familiar with most common fishes of the Sydney region. If any of you are unsure of an ID, or want confirmation, please feel free to contact my good friend Mark McGrouther, who is the Ichthyology Collections Manager at the Australian Museum of Sydney. And he has been for about the last 20 years or even longer.
  11. Amatteroflight

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Hi everyone I'm Ákos (say it like Arkosh). My parents immigrated here in late 1985 and I spent my teens and early 20s rock fishing (surfing, spearfishing) around Maroubra and Coogee mostly. I took a very long break from fishing and have just reacquired new equipment, as I've sold all my rock fishing gear in the late 90s. Looking forward to getting back on the rocks. Admittedly, I'm quite perplexed by the life jacket law in the Randwick LGA. Common sense never killed anyone.