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  1. Amatteroflight


    That is a fantastic catch! Congratulations!
  2. Amatteroflight

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    I literally just checked my life jacket to ensure it is compliant. It has the 5 ticks. I would've been so bloody pissed if it didn't, after all I bought it from a shop.
  3. Amatteroflight

    Is this a luderick? (Black Drummer/Rock Blackfish)

    That Black Drummer is a great catch! They pull like a train! Well done. Love my PJs, the cutest local sharks around. I used to visit a couple of places where they congregated during my scuba diving days. So nice to see dozens resting in sandy patches!
  4. Amatteroflight

    Easy FG knot video

    Thanks Big Neil
  5. Amatteroflight

    Easy FG knot video

    Thanks Big Neil. What knot would you recommend in that instance? TIA (Thanks In Advance)
  6. Amatteroflight

    Easy FG knot video

    I think my problem is that I am trying this with very thin lines. Most videos seem to use heavy lines, which I guess would make the job somewhat easier?
  7. Amatteroflight

    Easy FG knot video

    Hi Raiders, If you are capable of tying the above knot, ignore my post. 👍 Since getting back into fishing recently, many folks talked to me about using braid and a mono or FC leader. So I got some 6ib braid for my light spinning outfit and 6lb FC as leader. I searched on YouTube and Google and was baffled by the different ways of doing the infamous FG knot. I always used locked blood knots previously with no other knot at al. Now I am no dummy, but trying to learn this bloody FG knot was doing my head in. Keep the line tight, step on the spool, do this, do that, you probably know what I mean. So many things to keep in mind. Then just by sheer chance I came across a video by an American angler and as I watched it then paused intermittently, I successfully tied my first very good quality FG knot. A bit of a light bulb moment. Nevertheless, he does not tighten the lines and the method seems easy enough for a newcomer to FG like me. I hope some of you may find this video useful.
  8. Amatteroflight

    RFI - The Entrance, shore-based

    Thanks heaps guys. Much appreciated. Might even rethink location yet, as a country music festival would be torturous for my ears. 🤣
  9. Amatteroflight

    Fish ID x 2 (Eastern Orange Perch and Bluestriped Goatfish)

    Yep. The eyes look pretty popped out. I can't remember seeing any slender fish species with such bulging eyes. Compare the pectoral, anal, ventral fin sizes and the shape and size of its tail over the general shape and colour of the fish with the relative sizes of the fins to the body and you have what appears to be an Eastern Orange Perch.
  10. Amatteroflight

    RFI - The Entrance, shore-based

    HI Raiders, I promised our 12-year old and her grandpa to take them fishing so we are going to make a family day at The Entrance this weekend. Would anyone have any suggestions for a shore-based location near a picnic area where the mother in law and wife can hang while I take the younger daughter and pops to wet a line? I was thinking somewhere around Picnic Point or similar? Thanks for any tips....
  11. Amatteroflight

    Interesting debate on life jacket laws

    I completely agree. An idiot is still an idiot irrespective of whether they are wearing a PFD or not. Nothing beats spending time in the water doing things like surfing, swimming in the oceans as it gives most normal folks a good understanding of the power and unpredictability of the sea and the ability to assess conditions to make the appropriate decisions to fish or not fish. And even with a lifetime of knowledge one can never be complacent!
  12. Amatteroflight

    Fish ID x 2 (Eastern Orange Perch and Bluestriped Goatfish)

    May be a good idea to post general locality: eg. offshore from Sydney or Melbourne or Antarctica? I am guessing you fished offshore somewhere near Sydney based on your profile location. The first one looks like an Eastern Orange Perch: Lepidopercha pulchella The second is a Bluestriped Goatfish: Upeneichtys lineatus.
  13. Amatteroflight

    Hairtail season in Cowan creek

    Great set-up mate! What a nice catch as well! Congrats!
  14. Amatteroflight

    Underwater photography

    There is no chance I would put my topside DSLR into a housing. I have a GoPro 4 in a perspex housing that I take snorkelling and it is fine for what I need. If I ever get back into scuba diving (I am/was a relatively well-known underwater photographer in the 90s and early 2000s), I'd definitely get an older DSLR and something like the Ikelite housing with at least two external strobes. One does not need as many top features underwater as above so older bodies will do fine and they are cheap as! But finding a suitable housing may be tricky. And no compact can match the versatility of a DSLR. However, for general snorkelling, or sticking a camera underwater while fishing, a good compact with a perspex housing will be fine. Just don't expect the most amazing quality images. Compacts that I'd personally consider would be: Olympus TG-5 Panasonic LX10 Canon G7X II I think the Olympus is in a housing already, but the other two would need housings. Admittedly, no compact camera in my opinion matches the sensor of a full frame sensor (36mm x 24mm) DSLR.
  15. Amatteroflight

    Maroubra Beach Salmon Action

    I had so many good sessions out at the Stake....and elsewhere around The 'Bra, such as Mahon Pool , Mistral Point (cliff fished there) then Lurline Bay and Honeycombe at South Coogee and North Coogee point. The most amazing thing was, last Friday, I went into Global tackle at Kingsford and got my luderick rod, reel and other bits. There were three guys in there, including the owner. After a bit of chit-chat one of the guys asked if my name was so and so. I said yeah, that's me. It was a fellow I always saw fishing or surfing out at Maroubra, Johnny. I remember him catching a jew at Big Greeny in the middle of the day I think on a live sweep. That jew was some 40lb plus! Just to bump into one of the fishos of my generation was fantastic. Had a good yarn. The bastard is currently fishing at the Montebello Islands in WA. Grrrrrr....